The city and metropolization: Urban Forum


Objective: supporting the transformation of urban spaces, of their governance and of their uses. How? By using academic skills and knowledge for the benefit of those who create the city and and live in it: decision-makers, professionals, NGOs, city dwellers and users.

The Urban Forum is a social innovation project launched by Sciences Po Bordeaux within the framework of the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux. It involves some forty researchers from 5 different laboratories and disciplines (economics, geography, land use planning, history, political science, sociology and psychology), focusing on a common subject: the city.

The Urban Forum's objective is to become a site of reference on urban issues: facilitating access to research data and the available offering in terms of education, studies and expertise.
Its activities revolve around three key facilities:

  • the hub, to put together proposals for research, expertise, context assessment and highlighting of urban/metropolitan issues, in connection with regional players
  • the playground, to provide professional experience to students studying urban issues, via group projects based on "real" orders
  • the explorer, to feed public debate on urban issues via research-promoting initiatives and forward-looking regional measures

The Urban Forum may also offer continuing education programs on metropolitan issues, and form the basis of a future Master's Degree in multi-disciplinary urban research.


Sciences Po Bordeaux

11 allée Ausone - Domaine Universitaire
33607 PESSAC

Aurélie Couture
Project manager