International Doctorates


Objective: increasing the expertise of the new generation of researchers through the international opening-up of doctoral studies.

Being one of the most emblematic university degrees, the Doctorate closely combines academic education and high-level research. With the objective of strengthening close international collaborations and increasing the expertise of the new generation of researchers, the Initiative of Excellence of the university of Bordeaux actively promotes the internationalization of doctoral studies, through the International Doctorate Program. The program is open to the 9 doctoral schools of Bordeaux and provides support to internationalization projects (joint international supervisions, double degrees, outgoing mobilities) benefiting to promising doctoral students.

ACTION 1 : Outgoing mobility for Bordeaux doctoral students

This call is open to any PhD student belonging to one of the 9 doctoral schools of Bordeaux wishing to conduct an international mobility project in the framework of his/her doctoral training. Projects limited to on-site field researches, bibliographical studies or thesis final writing, as well as mobilities to the country of origin of the PhD student are NOT eligible.

Candidate’s eligibility:

be enrolled as a PhD student in one of the doctoral schools of Bordeaux (by the application deadline, and during the mobility)

having already a principal income for the whole duration of the doctorate

Funding: mobility grant from 3 to 9 months

Provisional calendar:

  • December: call opening
  • February : application deadline
  • May : results
  • July : start of the mobilities
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ACTION 2 : Jointly supervised or double-degree doctoral projects with targeted partners

This call is open to any thesis supervisor belonging to one of the 9 doctoral schools of Bordeaux wishing to submit a thesis proposal leading to an international co-supervision or a double degree in collaboration with one of the targeted partners (List 2018).

Candidate’s eligibility:

The proposal is submitted by a thesis director belonging to one of the 9 doctoral schools in Bordeaux and authorized to direct research by the application deadline. The co-supervisor must belong to a doctoral program of the international partner and fulfill all the requirements to supervise a PhD student according to the local rules.

A thesis supervisor can only submit one application, and cannot appear as co-supervisor in another application.

A thesis supervisor who has already been granted with a doctoral contract previously, cannot apply until the current doctoral project is terminated.

Funding : 36-month doctoral contract

Co-funding criteria : The international partner will have to insure funding for a second international thesis in the same or another research specialty the same year or the year after.

Provisional calendar :

  • December: call opening
  • February: application deadline
  • April: preselection of thesis proposals
  • May-July: recruitment campaigns by the doctoral schools based on candidates' proposals submitted by the thesis directors
  • September-December: enrolment of the candidate in the PhD program of Bordeaux (and of the partner institution in case of double degree), and signature of the doctoral contracts.
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College of Doctoral Studies

Program manager

Tel : 05 40 00 24 65


Around 170
projects have been
supported through the program already
1 PhD student out of 3 is international
91 international academic partners Out of the doctoral contracts, 60% lead to the award of a double degree (cotutelle) 
Julie Jezequel, doctorante Campagne doctorat International 2012, sous la direction de Laurent Groc, Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences© Julie Jezequel

On a purely scientific level, this exchange has increased the scope of my technical skills and enabled me to investigate an in vivo aspect of my project. […] Moreover, this joint supervision gave me the opportunity to create links with the University of Bordeaux and the MIT. […] On a more personal level, having been able to benefit from the exceptional environment of the MIT campus is clearly an asset for my young scientist’s career. 

Julie Jezequel,
Doctoral student, International Doctorate Campaign 2012, under the leadership of Laurent Groc, Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences