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International mobility program
Mobility for research staff

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Objective: enable researchers / lecturer-researchers to carry out personal projects for career development within the context of an international mobility experience (medium-duration).

The University of Bordeaux has a strong attractivity policy. The talent management policy, which is complementary to the policy, proposes this program that encourages international academic mobility as a driving force for career development. The program also helps transform practices within organizations through skills acquired during a mobility experience.

A “Research staff” mobility experience must be incorporated within the framework of a formalized personal career project. The anticipated benefits should concern priority development policies that are supported by IdEx Bordeaux, namely:

  • internationalization of practices
  • public-private relations
  • educational innovation
  • organizational innovation
  • promoting excellence
  • technology transfer
  • etc.

The program funds mobility grants (to complement the main salary) which vary in their amounts, depending on the target destination (taking into account the cost of living and transport), for a period of 6 to 12 months. Candidates must be permanent employees of a partner establishment of IdEx Bordeaux.  

Please send your application to

Please refer to the "Documentation" section for further details about this funding scheme     and the application procedure.


International Office

Jennifer BORDE

Tel : 05 40 00 37 94

Application procedure, timetable and selection 2017-2018

For the period 2017-2018, IdEx Bordeaux is opening a call for applications.These may be submitted throughout the year with three application selection periods:

Period 1:
Deadline: 1st December 2017
Assessment: mid-January 2018
Results: end of January 2018
Date funds available: from March 2018

Period 2:
Deadline: end of March 2018
Assessment: mid-April 2018
Results: end of April 2018
Date funds available: from June 2018

Period 3:
Deadline: end of June 2018
Assessment: mid-July 2018
Results: end of July 2018
Date funds available: from September 2018