Career development

International mobility program
Mobility for administrative and technical staff

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Objective: support individual or collective internationalization projects that provide new skills and boost career development and, as a result, help to change practices or bring about organizational innovation.

The program “Career Development – International mobility, administrative and technical staff section” is targeted at different staff categories. It follows the tradition of the Erasmus+ “European Staff Mobility” programs which it aims to develop and supplement.

Three types of action are available:

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1. Individual projects

Objective: obtain new knowledge or know-how thanks to the sharing of experiences and best practices during a mobility experience. Such learning is be used to improve skills within a current position and/or to achieve career development.

Scope: mobility in Europe or in countries/institutions with which the University of Bordeaux has agreements in the framework of Erasmus+.

Prerequisites: present a personal project for career development

2. Team projects

Objective: provide a team (management, department, specialist group) with added-value support in the form of new knowledge and/or know-how acquired during a mobility experience. This support is for teams undergoing change, implementing organizational innovation or developing new services for users.

Scope: mobility in Europe or EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Prerequisites: present a development project for the team(s) concerned

3. Professional networks

Objective: promote the University of Bordeaux within leading professional networks in Europe, via the active participation of its staff in network activities.

Scope: Europe (exceptionally outside Europe)

Prerequisites: be a recognized expert in the discipline concerned, play/intend to play a key role in the activities of the targeted network