The initial idea behind this project was to launch a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This was done on one of the topics of GREThA (research group in theoretical and applied economics): innovation. This MOOC is a prototype, a first for the University of Bordeaux.

The authors – Claude Dupuy and Jean-Bernard Layan – contributed their knowledge which they made accessible to everyone with the help of MAPI pedagogical engineers and technicians. It was a great human experience where the notion of teamwork was taken to new heights.

The content of the course was adapted for the MOOC in order to bring knowledge as close as possible to individuals in their everyday lives. According to Claude Dupuy, whether in the kitchen, with children, or in a train, individuals must be able to watch a MOOC, which brings knowledge directly to them.

The support of IdEx Bordeaux has made it possible to launch version 2 of this MOOC and work on a new Innov+ project aimed at creating spaces of interaction and projects around them while learning.

To see the video of this program, clic here.