Bordeaux University Foundation

Objective: helping to raise funds for projects coming under the Investments for the Future scheme.

The Foundation is the sole sponsorship operator for the entire university campus.

The Bordeaux University foundation is a an innovative interface between the academic world and the socio-economic world.

Through new forms of collaboration, the foundation brings together companies, NGOs, institutions and citizens. These partnerships are financed by donations, in accordance with the foundation's general-interest missions.

Beyond its role as a project factory, the foundation conducts fund-raising campaigns to support various programs within the Investments for the Future initiative, such as student aid programs (scholarships, etc.).


Suzanne POITOU

T : 33 (0)6 09 81 02 13


30 research, training or dissemination projects led by the Foundation Bordeaux Université 10 employees 12 Chairs created since 2010
    13 million euros committed since 2010
1 supervised foundation: the IHU LIRYC Over 30 countries involved in our projects

In the Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine, we identified a young Ethiopian student, Wendwesen Gebremichael, of a very good level, who came to do his internship in Bordeaux thanks to a scholarship funded by Cluster of Excellence LAPHIA. While waiting to start a CIFRE thesis with him, we were able to keep him by making a donation to the Bordeaux University Foundation to fund his salary for three months in the laboratory.

Eric Mottay,
CEO of Amplitude Systèmes

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Chaire Gilles Deleuze : "Métropole, nature, démocratie"

La chaire Gilles Deleuze contribue à la réflexion collective sur la vie et le devenir de la métropole et au rapprochement entre universitaires et société civile, ceux qui pensent la ville et ceux qui la font.