Aquitaine Science Transfert®

Objective: highlight academic research and improve the process for the transfer of technologies to businesses.

The Technology Transfer Office (SATT), Aquitaine Science Transfert®, winning of the future investments' projects, was incorporated in July 2012.

This is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €1M. Its shareholders are: the university of Bordeaux (38%), the CNRS (19%), UPPA (7%), Inserm (3%) and the State represented by the CDC (33%).

Positioned in high value added markets/high growth prospects and anchored in the regional territory, Aquitaine Science Transfert® promotes research coming from academic institutions, stimulates innovation by investing in proof of concept and provides expertise to actors the economic sector and the innovation ecosystem.

It covers 3 stages of technology transfer:

  • detection and protection of inventions
  • management and investment in maturing phases
  • valuation of innovations through negotiating licenses or preparation for the creation of innovative start-up


Aquitaine Science Transfert®
Bat A31 - 3e étage
Cours de la libération

Tel : 05 33 51 43 00

3 stages covered for the transfer of technologies 10 million euros in grants over the first three years, dispersed to some 80 different projects 1,126 partnership research contracts signed
120 patents and certificates issued 14 licenses signed 5 start-ups created

The main challenge in 2014 was to consolidate our assets in order to shape the economic and social value of the first transfer projects. This positive assessment is a strong indicator showing that Aquitaine Science Transfert® can quickly capitalize, and more quickly than first thought, on its first successes.

CEO of Aquitaine Science Transfert®

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More than 400,000 euros invested in 4 innovations in the wine-making and green sectors in 2015

The five investment committees bound by Aquitaine Science Transfert® since the start of 2015 voted for 407,250 euros in investments for 4 new maturation projects in the wine-making and green sectors. Objectives: accelerate the time-to-market period of technologies coming from academic research and make these innovations profitable and creators of jobs and economic value. The projects supported by Defi Carbone (recycles carbon fibers into new composite materials), So2wine (measures easily and quickly the sulfite in wine), Phérowine (fights against insects that are harmful to vines) and Earn (predicts the wine plot yields).