Innovation Pathways

Objectives: enabling students to gain concrete experience of the dynamics of innovation in connection with their professional goals during internships, and allowing small businesses to benefit from additional skills.

Support is provided for internships of at least 3 months in small to medium-sized companies and intermediate-sized enterprises.

The trainees receive a grant of €500 per month under the "Innovation Pathways" program, in addition to the mandatory monthly compensation paid by the enterprise. The grants are awarded after the review of applications, within the limit of the funds available.

Eligibility conditions for students

  • Be enrolled in one of the program's partner institutions: University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux Montaigne University, SciencesPo Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Bordeaux INP.
  • Be on a regulated internship as a mandatory or optional part of the curriculum.
  • Be a student having completed 1 to 5 years of study – preference will be given to end-of-cycle/end-of-studies internships.
  • Be supervised within the enterprise (by an internship supervisor) and within the home institution (by a tutor).

Eligibility conditions for host enterprises

  • Be an autonomous enterprise coming under the definition of small to medium-sized companies and intermediate-sized industrial or service enterprises within the meaning of European recommendation 2003/361/EC.
  • Propose an internship with a content connected with an innovation process, whether technological, organizational or commercial.
  • While preference will be given to regional enterprises, or topics coming under a regional context, the program is open to opportunities outside the region.
  • Requests coming from enterprises working in connection with projects stemming from the "Investments for the Future" program will also be given priority.

Advantages for the host enterprise

  • Posting a grant of €500 in addition to the mandatory internship compensation.
  • Getting support for the dissemination of the internship offer in the appropriate departments.
  • Becoming part of a lively network of host enterprises and student beneficiaries.
  • Drawing attention to the company and the student's mission at the end of the internship.

The program runs continuously. Applications must be submitted before the 30th of each month for their review the following month. The grants will be awarded after the review of the applications, within the limit of available funds.


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Aurore Thery
Project manager

Tel :  05 40 00 67 51



54 fellowships awarded - the majority on the period from January to May 43 internships in Aquitaine 90%  of the internships at Bac+5 level
Sébastien Soulet, Ingénieur en vapologie, LFEL (laboratoire francais du e-liquide)© LFEL

The vape (electronic cigarette) sector is young and currently undergoing intense expansion, gaining greater scientific attention each day while current efforts continue to be needed. U-SAV, standing for Universal System for Analysis and Vaping, is a "vaping" robot that can generate controllable e-cigarette emissions for vapor analysis purposes. It is a standardization support tool (through the AFNOR group), a debate platform for questions concerning health, a unit for basic research on e-cigarettes while also creating space for innovation. IdEx Bordeaux contributed to its development by creating internships at the LFEL for 2 people with complementary technical skills. These internship posts made it possible to conduct scientific research on e-liquids as well as e-cigarette mechanics (articles are currently being written). While developing the U-SAV with a large number of partners and contributors, one of these internships led to a short-term work contract aimed at the industrialization of the system.

Sébastien Soulet,
Vapology engineer, LFEL (French e-liquid laboratory)