Additional programs



Objective: creating a network of former students to promote the development and increase the outreach of the University of Bordeaux.

This network aims to strengthen ties with the socio-economic world, promote the employment of graduates, raise funds and develop international collaborations.

Through the Partnerships & Innovation department, the University of Bordeaux intends to support the many existing former student networks, constituted by training and by providing services and tools, notably communication tools.

Meetings have been held in recent months with the Alumni heads of international partner universities to build a strategy inspired by best practices.


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Camille Forgeau
Project manager

Tel :  05 40 00 67 51


Student Jobs

Objectives: developing a student job offering in line with the objectives of IdEx Bordeaux programs (internationalization, educational innovation and innovative projects in the departments) and enabling the students hired to gain professional experience in their fields of study.

The employment of a student within an entity or for a project for one academic year, under a work schedule which is compatible with the academic program (generally 35?hours a month).



Christelle Bellenger
Deputy director

Tel : 05 40 00 67 84