Social Innovation Connectors

Objective: fostering social innovation by setting up dedicated centers and supporting the development of their services (tools, expertise, courses, etc.) to various stakeholders (enterprises, public entities, students, etc.).

Support has been provided to three projects over the 2012-2015 period in the fields of technological intelligence (Via Inno), entrepreneurship (GRP Lab) and law (Montesquieu Forum).

Based on a solid core of distinctive scientific skills, the Social Innovation Centers formalize an offering which allows access to the knowledge gained through research activities.

The beneficiaries are socio-economic players, students in full-time or continuing education, public-sector players (in particular for the organizational innovation component), the scientific community of Bordeaux or other locations (for the development of multi-disciplinary approaches), civil society, secondary school students, etc.

Three mature projects requiring assistance for their development are supported by IdEx Bordeaux.


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Aurore Cravello
Projects manager

Tel : 05 40 00 67 51


Via Inno

Objective: promoting the development of innovative smart technology methods to understand the dynamics of innovation within industries and the competitive environment of high-tech companies.

Developed within the GREThA (Groupe de Recherche en Economie Théorique et Appliquée) – UMR CNRS 5113, the platform draws on the researchers' work and intends to become a benchmark on innovation-related issues.
By experimenting with analysis tools and methods, the facility helps to bring basic research in the field of human and social sciences closer to the socio-economic world.

Boasting an operational team of GREThA scientists and research engineers, the platform has numerous structured databases including:

  • economic and financial data
  • scientific data
  • technological data
  • sectoral data
  • regulatory data

Its activities focus on three key challenges:

  • participating in the scientific steering of the University of Bordeaux and its components (IdEx, LabEx, EquipEx)
  • understanding and analyzing innovation dynamics to provide support to regional competitiveness clusters and centers of excellence in their strategic reflections and interpreting the economic and technological environment of industrial companies
  • assisting local authorities in their strategic reflections by promoting the transfer of knowledge and the deployment of economic/technological intelligence systems or departments at local and national levels.


VIA Inno

Avenue Léon Duguit – Office F344
33608 PESSAC Cedex

Aurore Cravello
Project manager

Tel : 05 40 00 67 51


Objective: helping entrepreneurs to tell their business story in order to convince.

GRP Lab is a skill platform dedicated to awareness-raising, training and support in the field of entrepreneurship, with special focus on Business Model.

The GRP Lab platform exploits the potential of the GRP model, which upholds that an entrepreneurial project must generate value, provide a remuneration and share its success with its partners (employees, clients, suppliers, financiers, etc.), without whom there is no resource, and therefore no project.

This tool takes the form of a free collaborative web application available on mobiles and tablets. "The model involves storytelling, i.e. making the business project understandable and convincing", explains Professor Verstraete.

Six services available

  • "GRP Storyteller" produces a summarized representation of the project which can be sent to the partners who need to be convinced
  • "GRP Stories" shows business models in different forms (narrative, mental map, video, etc.)
  • "GRP Teaching" is a set of teaching aids on entrepreneurship
  • "GRP Publishing" hosts an online publishing house
  • "GRP School" has made it possible to launch a university diploma course on the Business Model
  • "GRP Blog" to keep track of the GRP Lab's current events.


Équipe Entrepreneuriat - IRGO - Université de Bordeaux
35 Avenue Abadie
33100 Bordeaux

Tel : 05 56 00 96 00

Aurore Cravello
Projects manager


Forum Montesquieu

Objective: creating a new platform for research, professional training and teaching in the field of law and political science.

The Forum Montesquieu combines innovation and knowledge transfer for players in the socio-economic and scientific worlds, students and civil society, in all of its projects on both a local and an international scale.

The Initiative of Excellence accredited unit aims to promote and enhance the University of Bordeaux's assets both as a leading research and higher education institution and as a real player in regional development.

It is made up of three main units:

  • the "lab"

The Forum Montesquieu "Lab" is an operational platform providing support to the Faculty of Law and Political Science and developing new collaborative partnerships between the various scientific disciplines. The Lab is at the service of multidisciplinary and cross-cutting research, supporting its development, dissemination and visibility.

  • the "club"

The Club is sensitive to the needs of the professional world and offers professional training and legal expertise to meet those needs.

  • the "Maison Montesquieu"

The Maison Montesquieu strives to promote and share knowledge, offering an immediate transfer of university expertise directly to the public, on a local, national and international scale.

A pilot project for the French legal sector

With a view to developing tools to revive France's legal sector, the lecturers and researchers at Bordeaux's Faculty of Law and Political Science set up the Forum Montesquieu. It is within this unit that they initiate and steer innovative projects designed to foster multidisciplinary research, provide training, and promote social and economic development.

Given the national context in which higher education needs to be brought up to date, the Forum Montesquieu draws on the skills and know-how available within the University of Bordeaux in the fields of law and political science (8 research units and close to 240 lecturers and researchers ).


Forum Montesquieu
Pôle juridique et judiciaire

35 place Pey Berland CS 6175
33076 Bordeaux CEDEX
Tel : 05 56 00 98 02


Forum urbain

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10 partnerships signed with Michelin, Airbus, CEVA animal health, Avril Group in particular (Via Inno)

1 Montesquieu Law Review, an English-language publication disseminating excellent French legal research (Forum Montesquieu).

4,000 users working with GRP software to create their business models (GRP Lab)

Thanks to active listening and the attention paid to the industry, the Via Inno project provides Michelin with methodological developments, operational indicators, and decision-making tools in the area of innovation. Together we are working to build solutions to current problems and search for answers. Our collaboration also includes the ongoing transfer of methodology that provides a rise in the skill progression of the team responsible for technology intelligence at Michelin.
Via Inno's involvement at the first meetings on technology intelligence (07/2015) organized by Michelin contributed to the success of this one hundred-person event.

Nicolas Dubuc,
Chief Knowledge and Technology Intelligence Officer, Michelin

With GRP's help, it was very easy for me to write a convincing business model that I needed to present to my financial partners.

Julien Chopard,
Creator of Trendy Place

Zoom ...
5e laboratoire commun VIA Inno avec Michelin

Le 16 décembre 2016, la plateforme ViA inno, développée au sein du groupe de recherche en économie théorique et appliquée (GREThA) a officialisé à l'université de Bordeaux la signature d’un laboratoire commun avec le groupe Michelin intitulé « Intelligence technologique et économique mobilité Michelin ». Cette matinée a été l’occasion d’échanger sur le contenu du programme scientifique et la vision partagée de l'open innovation. ce moment privilégié a permis d'évoquer la volonté de structurer une réflexion nationale autour des besoins, pratiques et enjeux en intelligence technologique.

Cycle de conférences hors les murs : « Le corps et ses économies »

Début 2016, l'axe « Genre, corps et normes » de l'université Bordeaux-Montaigne a organisé en collaboration avec le forum Montesquieu et le musée d’Aquitaine, pour la deuxième année consécutive, un cycle de conférences hors les murs. Dans une optique pluridisciplinaire ouverte sur la ville et le public bordelais, juristes, sociologies, médecins, psychanalystes, historiens sont intervenus autour de la question du corps et de ses économies. sur les six conférences, le Forum Montesquieu était à l’initiative de quatre débats : le commerce des corps : l’obligation au sexe, le commerce des corps : bioéthique et bioéconomie, la question du consentement : corps, coutumes et rituels et le corps marketing ou la rentabilité du corps.

The Law Clinic: a legal information and aid serviceThe Law Clinic: a legal information and aid service

Open since November 2013, the Law Clinic serves as a legal services clinic.It provides a free and open legal information and aid service for people who need someone to listen to their legal problems and explain them.Guided by law professionals and supervised by university advisors, second-year master students, student judges (French National School for the Judiciary), student lawyers (ALIENOR Law School), and student notaries (Professional training center for notaries) place their knowledge at the service of the public.