Objective: helping entrepreneurs to tell their business story in order to convince.

GRP Lab is a skill platform dedicated to awareness-raising, training and support in the field of entrepreneurship, with special focus on Business Model.

The GRP Lab platform exploits the potential of the GRP model, which upholds that an entrepreneurial project must generate value, provide a remuneration and share its success with its partners (employees, clients, suppliers, financiers, etc.), without whom there is no resource, and therefore no project.

This tool takes the form of a free collaborative web application available on mobiles and tablets. "The model involves storytelling, i.e. making the business project understandable and convincing", explains Professor Verstraete.

Six services available

  • "GRP Storyteller" produces a summarized representation of the project which can be sent to the partners who need to be convinced
  • "GRP Stories" shows business models in different forms (narrative, mental map, video, etc.)
  • "GRP Teaching" is a set of teaching aids on entrepreneurship
  • "GRP Publishing" hosts an online publishing house
  • "GRP School" has made it possible to launch a university diploma course on the Business Model
  • "GRP Blog" to keep track of the GRP Lab's current events.


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Aurore Cravello
Projects manager