Forum Montesquieu


Objective: creating a new platform for research, professional training and teaching in the field of law and political science.

The Forum Montesquieu combines innovation and knowledge transfer for players in the socio-economic and scientific worlds, students and civil society, in all of its projects on both a local and an international scale.

The Initiative of Excellence accredited unit aims to promote and enhance the University of Bordeaux's assets both as a leading research and higher education institution and as a real player in regional development.

It is made up of three main units:

  • the "lab"

The Forum Montesquieu "Lab" is an operational platform providing support to the Faculty of Law and Political Science and developing new collaborative partnerships between the various scientific disciplines. The Lab is at the service of multidisciplinary and cross-cutting research, supporting its development, dissemination and visibility.

  • the "club"

The Club is sensitive to the needs of the professional world and offers professional training and legal expertise to meet those needs.

  • the "Maison Montesquieu"

The Maison Montesquieu strives to promote and share knowledge, offering an immediate transfer of university expertise directly to the public, on a local, national and international scale.

A pilot project for the French legal sector

With a view to developing tools to revive France's legal sector, the lecturers and researchers at Bordeaux's Faculty of Law and Political Science set up the Forum Montesquieu. It is within this unit that they initiate and steer innovative projects designed to foster multidisciplinary research, provide training, and promote social and economic development.

Given the national context in which higher education needs to be brought up to date, the Forum Montesquieu draws on the skills and know-how available within the University of Bordeaux in the fields of law and political science (8 research units and close to 240 lecturers and researchers ).


Forum Montesquieu
Pôle juridique et judiciaire

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33076 Bordeaux CEDEX
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