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Research challenges

Through the Clusters of Excellence, Emerging Programs and InterPIA Projects, researchers come together to focus on major research issues to prepare the future. Their efforts are backed by International Associated Laboratories, Initial Support for Exploratory Projects and Associated International Chairs.


Cluster of excellence LaScArBx

Environment and climatEnvironment and climat

Cluster of excellence COTE

Facility of excellence Xyloforest

Technologies for healthTechnologies for health

Cluster of Excellence TRAIL

(Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory)

University Hospital Institute (IHU) Liryc

Facility of Excellence MUSIC

Materials of the futureMaterials of the future

Cluster of Excellence AMADEus

(Advanced materials by design)

Facility of Excellence ELORPrintTec


Cluster of Excellence BRAIN 

(Bordeaux Région Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences)

Facility of Excellence OptoPath

Facility of Excellence PHENOVIRT

(Human phenotyping and virtual reality)


Cluster of Excellence LAPHIA

(Laser and Photonics in Aquitaine)

Facility of Excellence PETAL +

(PETawatt Aquitaine Laser +)

Digital systemsDigital systems

SysNum Cluster

Public healthPublic health

Cluster of Excellence HEADS

 (HEAlth Determinants in Societies )

Cohort on student health i-Share

Emergence programEmergence program

Call for projects 2019