Objective: develop a unique platform for cardiac exploration, including many different technologies for a better overall assessment of cardiac structure and function, better prevention and optimal therapy.

Excellence Facility run by Pierre Jais.

This platform consists of a combined room equipped with a fluoroscopic imaging (X-Ray) radiography system and a 1.5-Tesla MRI, the two machines being connected for patient transfer. This set of equipment is unique in France and is the second installed in Europe.

Auricular fibrillation, sudden death, cardiac arrest, therapy by optimized ablation, merger of structural and electrical methods for treating patients.



Pierre Jais
Director of MUSIC


On average, 170 atrial fibrillations and 30 ventricular tachycardias – the most complex types of arrhythmia – have been treated with MUSIC every year since the platform started operating.
To date, more than 800 patients have been treated with the MUSIC software.
More than 300 of thse patients were overseas. Five training sessions have been carried out every year for doctors since the start of the project.
Pierre Jais, professeur de cardiologie à l'université de Bordeaux et cardiologue au CHU de Bordeaux

Thanks to MUSIC – the software we developed using a combination of X-ray and IRM equipment – we have wonderful guidance during the operation. It is possible to reconstruct in 3D the internal and external walls of the ventricular cavity. We thus see the thickness of the tissue, the coronary arteries, the phrenic nerves and all scarred areas. It’s as if we’ve turned on the light in a room in which we previously worked in the dark.

Pierre Jais,
professor of Cardiology at the University of Bordeaux and cardiologist at the CHU (University Hospital) of Bordeaux

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Consortium autour de MUSICConsortium autour de MUSIC

The MUSIC software has met with great success, leading to the creation of an 18-center international MUSIC consortium which uses the software to guide ablations.