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 (HEAlth Determinants in Societies )

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Objective: accelerating innovation in research and the organization of healthcare systems by promoting and supporting multi-disciplinary brainstorming and research.

Under the leadership of Pascal Ragouet.

HEADS is designed as an integrative program, accelerator of innovations in research and health care systems organization.

To address the following challenge: systematically revisit and update the social determinants of health, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to health.

Taking strength from the University of Bordeaux’s specialists in various academic domains and areas of expertise, breaking barriers between health and social sciences, HEADS seeks to generate and promote research excellence characterized by a new way of approaching research objects and questions.

Thus HEADS is to meet two watchwords: transversality and internationalization in research and training regarding health.



Lise Monneraud
Project manager


4 research projects launched on the loss of autonomy in old age, the impact of medication regulation, successful schooling, and psychosocial risks in the workplace 4 theses produced (health law, psychology, and political science)
2 editions of the Bordeaux International School of Population Health Sciences (BISPHS) 3 internationally renowned speakers giving talks on crucial issues for the future (the economic and social determinants of health, mental health categorization, and occupational stress)
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Projet : DRUGS-REWIND : DRUGS-Regulation WIthdrawal Impact and Determinants

Ce projet est dédié à l’analyse de l’impact et aux déterminants de la régulation des médicaments (plus spécifiquement les retraits du marché). Projet interdisciplinaire associant deux unités de rceherche : Centre Emile Durkheim et U1219 Bordeaux Population Health centre (équipe pharmaco-épidémiologie). Leaders : Andy Smith et Antoine Pariente. Il a donné lieu à 7 publications dans des revues à comité de lecture, de sciences sociales et de sciences médicales et un colloque réunissant chercheurs et décideurs publics à Bordeaux, « Risque médicamenteux, incertitude, et intérêt général » (2 novembre 2016) Effet transformant : DRUGS-ReWIND est inclus dans le dossier de candidature pour une plateforme nationale de pharmaco-épidémiologie financée par l’ ANSM. Bordeaux est l’un des deux sites français labellisés pour des plateformes dédiées à l’évaluation du risque pharmacologique (4 ans) Création d’une relation durable entre communauté de pharmacologie et celle de la sociologie et des sciences politiques, fondée sur une complicité épistémologique construite grâce à cette collaboration, une vision partagée du rôle de la science dans la prise de décision politique ; Enfin les germes de collaborations internationales nouvelles sur ce thème...


Objective: collecting, analyzing and exploiting the results of a study conducted with 30,000 students over a period of 10 years, to improve understanding of their current health issues and determine the impact of their current habits on their future health.

Under the leadership of Christophe Tzourio.

Investment for the Future prizewinner in 2011, the i-Share project is run by the University of Bordeaux, in collaboration with the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en–Yvelines.

Requiring solely on-line participation, the i-Share project is an “e-cohort”, using the Internet and social networks.

Eight main fields of research are covered:

  • mental health (anxiety, stress, depression, etc...)
  • migraine
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • high-risk conducts and behaviors (alcohol, drugs, etc...)
  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • physical exercise
  • the workings of the brain

Researchers, doctors, psychologists, sociologists and statisticians collaborate in this very big research facility. The analysis of the data collected will enable them to determine major health trends throughout a person’s lifetime.

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Centre INSERM U897
Université de Bordeaux
Bât Isped - Case 11
146 rue Leo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

Elena Milesi
Project manager
Communication and international promotion
Tel : 05 47 30 42 25

30.000 students 10 year study 8 main fields of research

Pr. Christophe Tzourio, neuroépidémiologiste à Bordeaux et responsable de l’étude i-Share© Goussard-I Share

The i-Share cohort came to be because there is little information on the health of young adults. By monitoring their health over a 10-year period, i-Share will provide better understanding of their health status and its determinants, and make it possible to track its development over time. This platform will also allow targeted research projects to be set up. 

Christophe Tzourio,
Professor neuroepidemiologist in Bordeaux and in charge of the i-Share study

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Shérazade Kinouani, médecin généraliste addictologueShérazade Kinouani, médecin généraliste addictologue

Shérazade Kinouani, general practitioner and addiction specialist, writing a thesis on the epidemiology of tobacco consumption among students, has just won – with Christophe Tzourio – a major tender from the INCA (National Cancer Institute).