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Involvement in the Peugeot-Citroën “Automotive Electronics and Systems” OpenLab

Our team and the PHENOVIRT equipment, particularly the driving simulators, are part of the Human Factors element of the PSA OpenLab. The objective of the OpenLab is to encourage the emergence of an intelligent, connected car and the specific objectives of the human factors element are to: monitor the driver’s cognitive, physiological and psychological state, develop new sensors to improve well-being and safety while driving, particularly when the driver takes back control of the vehicle, and develop man-machine interfaces for autonomous vehicles. With funding from a CIFRE (Industrial Agreements for Learning through Research) grant, we will identify the behavioral and physiological markers of inattention/distraction at the wheel in order to predict the quality of taking back control of driving in a level three automation situation, which corresponds to limited autonomous (“eyes off”) driving: the driver must be able to take back control of the vehicle when conditions for autonomous driving are no longer met.

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