CPU Transfer


Objective: supporting projects for which the CPU community transfers methods and provides its expertise in the various fields of applications of the LabEx facilities, in the aim of solving problems and removing digital barriers.

The idea behind this new action initiated in 2015 is to exploit and adapt methods/algorithms developed by the CPU community to apply them to scientific subjects and topics put forward by the site's other environments of excellence.

In 2015, support is provided to 5 projects, in the form of engineer time:

  • "Development of an operational code for the simulation of extreme waves" project with COTE
  • "Multivariate processing in cohort brain imaging: application to the analysis of brain connectivity graphs in the resting state" (TIMIC) project with MCIA
  • "Ordering of block copolymer nano-domains: an image guided approach to the curing of defects" project with AMADEus
  • "Use of super-resolution for the multiscale 3D imaging of materials" project with AMADEus
  • "Numerical modeling of the compression of sintered powders. Comparison with experimental results" project with AMADEus



Claire Gaugain
Research program manager

Tel : 05 40 00 67 82