Initial Support for Exploratory Projects (PEPS)

Objective: fostering new multi-disciplinary research momentum through exploratory research projects known to comprise risks and involving several players.

The PEPS program was not reconducted in 2017

This program is jointly run by the University of Bordeaux' Initiative of Excellence and the CNRS.

The funding aims to lay the foundations for collaboration and is to be followed up with calls to European and national fund providers.

Financial support is granted after the selection of the project by a jury and is valid for one year.


Investments for the Future unit

Carlos Mendoza
Research program manager

Tel : 05 40 00 67 52


5 calls for proposals since 2012 88 exploratory projects supported 1 year: duration of the support
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CaRaMel3d (3D Medical Imaging Calibration and Adjustment)CaRaMel3d (3D Medical Imaging Calibration and Adjustment)

The clinical monitoring of slow-growing tumors is a major medical problem. The doctors at Institut Bergonié (regional cancer institute) seek to assess the aggressiveness of lung tumors. A partnership between the institute’s teams and mathematics researchers from the Institute of Mathematics of Bordeaux (IMB) – mixed research unit 5251/University of Bordeaux INP – has already made it possible to develop a mathematical model associated with an imaging calibration technique to assess the aggressiveness of tumors through 2D cross-sections. While these results are very encouraging, the 3D view of the growth of a tumor cannot be taken into account for the moment. The objective of the project led by Olivier Saut and his team at IMB is to develop new imaging machine adjustment and calibration algorithms in order to take into account this 3D...