Regional Social Innovation: CRISALIDH


Objective: promoting the success of social innovation projects undertaken by regional institutions and civil society players. How? By becoming established as a resource center mainly focused on rural areas and medium-sized towns.

Backed by the Émile Durkheim Center, CRISALIDH (the Resource Center for Social Innovation in Local Actions and Initiatives for Human Development) brings together some forty researchers stemming from eight laboratories of the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux, covering a large spectrum of social and human sciences.

Targeting rural areas and medium-sized towns, its activities revolve around five objectives:

  • promoting a broader vision of social innovation covering all social issues and practices
  • characterizing the processes and contents of social innovations emerging in these areas by jointly mobilizing stakeholders and researchers
  • providing local players with resources (data, analysis tools, research results, methodologies, expertise, etc.) facilitating their social innovation procedures
  • increasing the visibility of their social innovations
  • stimulating research in Social and Human Sciences (SHS)to promote collaborative, trans-disciplinary social development

What is social innovation?

While the term is very trendy, social innovation is, for many people, a vague notion which varies according to approaches, contexts and stakeholders. However, several definitions of social innovation coincide concerning its function of responding to an aspiration or need which is new or not well catered for, its participative process, its regional dimension, and its end goal which is wellbeing, as illustrated by the definition adopted by the Conseil régional d’Aquitaine (Aquitaine Regional Council) within the scope of its policy to support social innovation.

CRISALIDH is the partner of all decision-makers in rural areas and medium-sized towns who want to promote social innovation. CRISALIDH also supports the international scientific cooperation procedure set up by the University of Bordeaux with Euskampus(Sinnergiak social innovation center based in San Sebastían - Donostia) and being finalized with Québec (Université Laval and Université du Québec à Montréal).


Centre Emile Durkheim
Xabier Itçaina
Scientific coordinator

Luc Paboeuf
Projects manager

Pierre CAMANI, Président du Conseil Départemental de Lot-et-Garonne, Sénateur de Lot-et-Garonne© Departmental Council of Lot-et-Garonne

Capitalizing on experiences and securing the means to irrigate, based on a transfer of practices rooted in scientific analysis, seems essential to me. […] I would like the Departmental Council to contribute to the success of CRISALIDH by actively participating in the link-up of local players, social needs and innovative practices.

Pierre Camani
President of the Departmental Council of Lot-et-Garonne, Senator of Lot-et-Garonne