Public health: Cassiopée Platform


Objective: gaining better understanding of the region, its population, its health issues; assessing the impact of prevention and healthcare actions; assessing healthcare pathways and tools to facilitate decision-making.

How ? By stimulating exchanges between fieldworker requirements and scientific knowledge, by comparing the viewpoints of different disciplines on an issue and by maximizing the use of public health databases.

Created on the initiative of the Fédération de recherche Santé publique, société (FR SPS – Research Federation on Public Health and Society) within the University of Bordeaux, the Cassiopée Platform is a social innovation project supported by IdEx Bordeaux. It is backed by a network of over 200 public health researchers from various research bodies (CNRS, Inserm), higher education institutions, as well as Aquitaine healthcare establishments. These researchers are internationally recognized in numerous fields such as epidemiology, applied mathematics, humanities, economics, social sciences, clinical investigation and healthcare.

Acting as a flexible and collaborative interface, the Cassiopée Platform aims to increase understanding of health issues, support the development and implementation of effective healthcare policies and improve responses to current challenges (population aging and dependency, chronicity of disorders, health paths, health determinants, health inequalities between social groups and regions, etc.).

The platform aims to provide translational research in the health of populations, i.e. the translation of advances stemming from public health research (epidemiology, clinical research, human and social science research) into initiatives liable to improve public health.

Its management team promotes exchanges between and for its members by organizing discussion meetings, participating in research networks and collaborative workspaces involving various public-health institutions and stakeholders on research topics and common-interest initiatives, and making the most of the research carried out by the members of the platform.

By fostering such contacts, the management team promotes the defining and development of priority research focuses coming within the scope of translational research in public health.

Its support consists in:

  • assistance with the formulation of appropriate research questions, in keeping with the public health priorities of the various institutions (Aquitaine regional health agency, university hospital, Regional Council, Departmental Councils, national health authority and private health insurance firms, local authorities, data producers and users, etc.) and organizations
  • collecting available data and providing assistance to draft research protocols and to carry out regulatory procedures;
  • monitoring interactions between researchers and those in charge of public health operations
  • and, if necessary, actively collecting data and making use of statistics

The Cassiopée Platform thus helps to improve knowledge and contributes to the exchange of available information on public health in Aquitaine. It has a database of existing public health information in Aquitaine and provides assistance for requests to access public health data, subject to current legal requirements.

In mid-2015, the Cassiopée Platform was already supporting or running 12 translational research projects creating links between institutional/operational players and researchers in public health.

Contact the platform if your project meets the following criteria:

  • your request and your query concern priority issues for the FR SPS (Research Federation on Public Health and Society), the AR, the Regional Council, or other partners
  • it concerns Aquitaine
  • emphasis is placed on interactions between various disciplines
  • the response provided aims to help decision-making in the field of public health, enables researchers to highlight and publish their work, and enables teachers to enhance existing study programs


ISPED Epidémiologie et Biostatistique

Viviane Ramel
Project coordinator


Cassiopée is an ambitious project with major implications. It's a research and evaluation tool designed to help all players in their decision-making, by facilitating access to the range of existing data.

It is set to be an essential tool to help us:

  • create the dynamics to roll out the Regional Health Project (PRS) in a concrete, cross-cutting way, by giving priority to preventive approaches, the organizing of primary healthcare and home care,
  • define the local areas (infra-territories of healthcare) in which the PRS will be carried out, whenever the planning requires a smaller scale than that of the healthcare region or territory (organizing of the healthcare paths to get a better grasp of the interfaces between the home, medico-social units/services, healthcare establishments, and prevention players),
  • identify healthcare areas or project territories, in particular in regions where specific difficulties have been identified in terms of the population's health status, access to care and prevention (example: prevalence of a disease, specific social and regional characteristics, shortcomings in the existing offering).

Cassiopée should increase our knowledge on all of these aspects, making it possible to take the appropriate decisions to address the health system's challenges (in particular the reduction of ?social, geographical and financial inequalities in terms of access to healthcare, and the regional disparities in terms of care and service offering), within the scope of a regional approach involving local players.

Michel Laforcade
Director General of the Aquitaine Regional Health Agency (ARS)