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The Observatory  for the IdEx Bordeaux program

The Investments for the Future Mission has set up since 2012 an Observatory to track and observe the project impacts regarding its development and improvement of the University of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence.

Since the end of 2012, enhanced tracking and observation provisions have been in place for:

  • a scientific director (DR, CNRS, emeritus)
  • a mission head (profile: Ph.D in political science)
  • outsourcing resources (doctoral student advisor in particular)

The objectives of the observatory:

  • reflexivity on actions taken, tracking of program/project impact 
  • ongoing improvement of actions 
  • anticipation of actions that need to be launched

Working arrangements:

  • observation and monitoring missions (qualitative assessments), aiming at providing recommendations for the continued development and improvement of the programs 
  • prospective missions for preparing new actions
  • participation in national and international actions