Cooperation projects with California?

Cooperation projects with California?

 BIS Californie : un programme pour aider enseignants/chercheurs, étudiants et personnels à initier ou développer des projets de coopération internationale avec des universités de Californie.

California has long been a destination for privileged partnerships for the university of Bordeaux with about 30 ongoing joint projects in disciplines ranging from polymer chemistry to educational science.

To support the structuring of large international partnership networks, the Bordeaux University Initiative of Excellence identified a few Californian higher education and research institutions with which the university of Bordeaux wants to enhance cooperation, particularly within the campus of the University of California (UC).

To do this, a Bordeaux International Support programme – BIS California has been established. It is a complement to existing IdEx programmes that support international collaborations (among which IdEx campaign for international PhD, visiting professors, international post-doctoral campaign, international summer schools/conferences programmes).

As a first tool,BIS California specifically targets the following objectives:

  • Initiate and enhance research collaborations;
  • Enable students to enjoy an international environment early-on in their training path;
  • Participate in the internationalisation of the institution through best practice exchange;
  • Bring together actors of each higher education and research institutions (students, academics, support staff).

BIS California should also facilitate the construction of projects, in the prospect of a response to international funding programmes.

BIS California: a programme of the Bordeaux University Initiative of Excellence in order to accompany projects of teachers / researchers, students and staff.

Bordeaux International Support covers actions like networking development (research, education, exchange of good practice), staff exchanges (researchers, teachers, and support staff), first steps to new research collaborations or internship for students (short stays, in laboratories or companies).

Applications may be sent continuously here. They will be examined on a fixed date every 2 months.

Please note that 2 others BIS are open on the same elements: BIS Euskampus et BIS Japan. A BIS Canada will be open soon.

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