4 scenarios for future research centered around water studies

4 scenarios for future research centered around water studiesCled12

The "water Agenda program" reporting, backed by the University of Bordeaux's Initiative of Excellence, took place last November 10th during the LabEx COTE stakeholders' Forum organized around the subject "Water, Sciences, Society: what are the scenarios for future research?".

The Bordeaux-scientific community, a first-rate collection of LabEx COTE members and partners as well as those associated with the water Agenda, attended a results presentation connected to the 4 possible scenarios for future research focusing on water:

  • Knowledge Economy
  • Upstream Sciences
  • Resilient Territories
  • Global Science

These scenarios are divided into 2 groups: "Local/Global" and "Challenge-based/Curiosity-driven" (research guided by societal challenges or by other academic research).

Through round tables and scenario presentations, the LabEx COTE stakeholders' forum was a moment to debate knowledge needs, the different proposed scenarios and the questions that had been raised throughout the process. The remarks will be taken into account for the definitive water Agenda report that has been given to IdEx Bordeaux at the end of 2015.

The prospective group, which brings together 38 contributors from the water Agenda, got together for 3 research seminars to establish the scenarios by reflecting on research, societal challenges, and research organization and science instruments. It was made up of a multi-disciplinary group of:

  • local researchers working on the subject of water and representing different research centers and the university;
  • international researchers (Canada, India, Latin America, Spain, U.S.);
  • socio-economic stakeholders (LyRE – Suez Eau France research laboratory, the France Nature Environnnement association, the Energie de la Lune company, GIP Littoral, Cluster Eau d'Agen).

The water Agenda is an original and experimental approach that IdEx Bordeaux wished to set up in order to define its future science program in the area of water and the socio-economic and societal stakes associated with it. Compared with the traditional "curiosity-driven" research approach, which consists in going into a research subject by following the thread of scientific questions, multi-disciplinary research agendas explore societal challenges in order to get to the underlying research issues.

The water Agenda is an IdEx program at the University of Bordeaux supported by LabEx COTE and run in partnership with Irstea.