Bordeaux International Support - BIS - Japan

The University of Bordeaux has developed long-standing collaborations with Japanese higher education institutions and research centers, both in the fields of training and research.

Taking into consideration this history of collaboration as well as the excellence of the Japanese higher education and research system, IdEx Bordeaux has included Japanese academic institutions among its strategic partners.

In June 2013, a delegation of political representatives of the university of Bordeaux – IdEx Bordeaux has visited Japan with the aim to promote and develop partnerships in the frame of IdEx Bordeaux, to give structure to projects enabling the strengthening of Bordeaux-Japan relations and to evaluate the feasibility of opening a Japanese office of the university of Bordeaux in Japan as an enabling instrument to the development of Bordeaux-Japanese cooperation.

The aim of Bordeaux International Support (BIS) – Japan is to encourage the emergence and strengthening of project with high added-value. It covers training, research and best practice exchanges and particularly targets the mobility of university staff (students, academics, support staff).

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