Strengthened partnerships

Bordeaux International Support (BIS)

Objective: encouraging and supporting the development of international collaboration with key partners in the fields of training, research and innovation.

The BIS programme helps foster new actions of collaboration with priority partners and regions via increasing mobility of lecturers, researchers, administrative staff and students.
Proposals can be submitted at any time using the section "submit your application" (see below) and will be evaluated by an ad hoc evaluation committee.

Please refer to the detailed call for proposal document of each partner destination listed below for more information on the terms and conditions of each call.

This program has two components:

  • The BIS Helpdesk Targeted Regions (call for proposal), which promotes collaboration projects with the top universities of 8 key regions :
  • Japan,
  • California,
  • Canada,
  • Brazil,
  • China,
  • India,
  • Taiwan,
  • Euskampus - Basque Country : Click here to discover the Euroregional Campus Bordeaux-Euskampus
  • The BIS Helpdesk Strategic Partners, aimed at developing and reinforcing partnerships with universities that already have strong ties with IdEx Bordeaux partner institutions. 9 institutions have been identified as strategic partners :
  • University of Waterloo, Canada : Click here to discover the Bordeaux-Waterloo joint grants

Eligibility conditions

Activities promoting the creation and development of networks (research, education, exchange of good practices) and first stages in the setup of a project with an institutional dimension:

  • Support for the internationalization of research (such as the setup of joint projects, the co-supervision of theses, the preparation of joint applications for international calls for proposals, summer schools, etc.)
  • Support for the internationalization of study programs (such as the development of a joint study program in a particular discipline, study trips for students, preparation of joint applications for international calls for proposals, organizing of joint seminars, etc.) with special focus on the development of partnerships at Master's degree and Doctorate levels
  • Support for the internationalization of administrative services
  • Support for exchanges of good practices (participation in seminars and conferences, study trips, etc.)
  • Projects involving student groups or associations aimed at increasing their international awareness and exchanging good practices
  • Student initiatives with added value in terms of internationalization of their studies

The project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Proposals can be submitted at any time on the below section ("submit your application") and will be evaluated three times a year in accordance with the following schedule:

Call deadline

January 16 2018

March 23 2018

June 17 2018


Canada, California and Cincinnati

Anne Blassiau
Tel : 05 40 00 38 81

India and Japan

Fréderic Bertrand
Tel : 05 40 00 38 23


Julia Forcada Garcia (BIS program manager)
Tel : 05 40 00 38 77

China and Taiwan

Pedro Santiago
Tel : 05 40 00 36 41

Bordeaux International Support (BIS) - Submit your application

Applications should be submitted by staff employed by one of the above-mentioned Bordeaux institutions.

No application should be sent directly by a student. The application must be sent by the academic or the officer in charge of the project coordination.

For each application, applicants should indicate the beneficiaries of the action (CV of the people involved), the objective of the action, expected results and impact, budget (total costs of the project and co-funding sources if relevant).

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8 destinations open to projects with universities in these areas: Japan, Euskampus, California, Canada, Taiwan, India, China and Brazil 9 targeted on specific priority universities in Canada, the US, Japan and Taiwan
50 mobilities supported  + than 20 internationalization projects launched