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Objective: promoting the organization of top-ranking international conferences in Bordeaux and across Aquitaine. 

Includes conferences of scientific interest for the Bordeaux site attracting students, researchers and socio-economic stakeholders.

This programme aims to encourage the organization of top-ranking international conferences in Bordeaux, so that students, researchers and social and economic entities from all over the world can meet around leading research topics and significant national and international research works.

Thus, a financial support can be provided for high international reach conferences according to specific criteria.

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Project manager

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Supported international conferences in 2016

  • Conférence internationale sur la régulation et jeux d’argent et de hasard (Sciences humaines et sociales) - Les 17 et 18 novembre

My scientific event platform

Dedicated to all researchers, teacher-researchers of the University of Bordeaux and its partners, the aim of My scientific event is to support project initiators in organizing theirs events, to enable them to focus essentially on the projects scientific ambitions.

Depending on needs, irrespective of the project stage and the host site, customized assistance is available to guide researchers and identify the partners and liable contacts to ensure the success of the event.

43 international conferences supported since 2012
17 young researchers awarded by IdEx Bordeaux in 2016 More than 3 500 participants welcomed during supported conferences in 2016
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From the deep past to the anthropocene: coupling Earth system function to climatic change.From the deep past to the anthropocene: coupling Earth system function to climatic change.

The objective of this symposium is to bring together a range of interdisciplinary, Earth system researchers based in Europe advancing frontier research within their discipline and present the state-of-the-art in our understanding of how climate change has affected the function of the atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere in the past and how it is being forecast to function in the ‘Anthropocene’. In addition to showcasing the exceptional advances underway across laboratories in Europe the symposium will also provide an opportunity to foster discussion around the subject of gender balance in science in general and in Earth sciences in particular. Read more

14th International Conference on Organic Electronics14th International Conference on Organic Electronics

The International Conference on Organic Electronics is an annual serie of conferences dedicated to the state-of-the-art research in organic electronics. The upcoming ICOE-2018 conference will bring together in Bordeaux next June the most excellent researchers from academy as well as industry, to discuss fundamental aspects of organic semiconductors, demonstrate their vision of the road-map of organic electronics and to exchange ideas on future materials, technologies, and applications.

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