IdEx Travel Scholarships

Objective: encouraging student travel to key geographical areas and universities for IdEx Bordeaux, within the scope of the international academic programs of the University of Bordeaux and its partners.

Support is given to students (Bachelor and Master degrees) enrolled in a higher education institution, which is a member of IdEx Bordeaux, from their 2nd year (Bachelor’s Degree years 2-3, Master’s Degree years 1-2, healthcare programs, technology degree, etc.). IdEx Bordeaux travel scholarships are granted on merit.

This program supplements other existing funding (Erasmus, Aquitaine Cap Mobilité, grants from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research) brought together under the AquiMob program.

The program comprises:

  • scholarships granted to students enrolled in international, IdEx-accredited study programs (link to International Masters page)
  • "Priority Destination" scholarships granted on two criteria: merit and the travel destination

For university (laboratory) internships and studies abroad, the priority destinations are the 14 universities which are strategic partners to IdEx in the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Spain.

In addition, students going to a university ranked among the top 200 in the ARWU, THE or QS international rankings are also eligible.

For company internships, students applying for placements in companies based in the United States, Canada, Japan and Euskadi are eligible.

For more information: see the page dedicated to these grants on the AquiMob website.

For more information about the doctorate scholarships program, clic here.


Priority destinations


International studies


2 parts: priority destinations and international study programs 208 months of student mobility scholarship funded since September 2014 (international training component)
1 079 months of student mobility scholarship funded since September 2014 (volet priority destinations) 4 popular destinations: Canada, United States, Japan, United Kingdom

In an exchange program at the University of Tsukuba, I’m in Agro-Bioressources science and technology program of The Global 30 program. In my class, I study with a lot of foreign students from Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, China, Malaysia etc. In parallel, I work in the ARIIZUMI lab for my research program on tomato, with foreign and Japanese students, PhD and postdoc. The University of Tsukuba offers excellent training facilities with easy access to labs and equipment, with a very beautiful campus, very large and woody, and with lots of extra scholar activities. […] I want to say that my actual Japanese experience after 1 year in Japan is very interesting: this is a total different culture and I encourage future students to think about the possibility of undertaking this exchange with Tsukuba. A quiet campus near many shops, and the capital (Tokyo) for people who want to move. The possibility to meet students from across the globe and make lots of contacts and friends.

Johan Hunziker
student (extract of the student’s report on mobility)