Euroregional campus Bordeaux-Euskampus


Objective: create shared value for mobility, training, research and communication.

In 2010-2011, the national accreditation of "International Campuses of Excellence" in France and in Spain via IdEx Bordeaux and Euskampus (UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC) was the opportunity to reinforce the strategic alliance of the two universities, which decided to create a cross-border campus based on the development of projects within their scopes of excellence.

The objective of this cross-border campus is to create shared value in the following areas:

  • Mobility: promoting exchanges between university players (students, professors and researchers);
  • Education: by creating a joint study offering;
  • Research: by generating new synergies promoting the exchange of knowledge;
  • Communication: to promote the internationalization of the two sites.

Click here to discover the Ocean Experiences Platform, an initiative lead by this eurorégional partnership. 


Katixa Peigneguy

Euroregional Campus Manager


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Chronicity Valley

The University of Bordeaux and its partner Bioef (Basque Fundation for health research and innovation) are committed to support territorial innovation in health via a common project named Chronicity valley. Chronicity valley is a program of trans-border innovation and experimentation supervised by the Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi, aiming to support collaborative work between academics, organizations and industries, in favor of health aging and innovation in the field of chronic diseases. Transborder cooperation in this domain is based on academic initiatives developed within the Euroregional campus formed by the University of Bordeaux and the University of the Basque country (UPV), as well as industrial initiatives gathering BioHealt industries of the two regions. Thus the objective of Chronicity Valley is to build together a strategy aiming to share good practices and develop common projects melting research, organizational change and industrial innovation. Chronicity valley is an opportunity to support scientific exchange aiming to develop competitive high level projects and to strengthen the links between Universities and their local socioeconomic partners. A call is opened until March 2017. To submit your proposal, please...