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Fort de Socoa

Objective : bringing students and universities into the heart of an ecosystem of innovation and excellence involving local stakeholders and Surfing / Extreme Action Sports companies

In 2015, the University of Bordeaux, in partnership with the South Basque Country Agglomeration and the EUSKAMPUS Foundation, set up the Ocean Experiences Platform (OE). This agreement was signed on 27 November 2015 with local stakeholders in the South Basque Country Agglomeration and manufacturers of surfing equipment, represented by the EuroSIMA Cluster association (which stands for the interests of 180 companies active in the surfing world, 122 brands and 58 service providers).

The OE Platform is the education-training-research part of a regional ecosystem specializing in Surfing-Action Sports-Water-related activities, with the whole consisting of a Living Lab, a creativity facility and a start-up accelerator, bringing public and private sectors together.

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For the Master MI2PAS
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Claire Berthomieu

Application from April 25 to May 25
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A dedicated Master’s degree from 2016-2017

From September 2016, this Euroregional Campus of Excellence will include, on an experimental basis, an international, restructured and innovative higher education course on snow and surf sports engineering: the Master’s degree in “International Management of Projects and Products in Action Sports – Surf and Snow Sports” (MI2PAS).

This Master’s course (created in 1999) is adapting to the changes in what this sector now requires in terms of skills, and will prepare students to work as managers in this field or to create their own companies.

The course alternates teaching with practical work, and will bring students into direct contact with the realities of business during their internship, apprenticeship or vocational training contract.

In order to improve students’ mobility and their language level, professionals will present their courses in French, English or Spanish. Some courses, seminars and creative workshops will be held at the University of the Basque Country in Spain (UPV-EHU), the University of Bordeaux’s partner in the Euroregional Campus of Excellence.

An original feature, the Créasport incubator, will enable students who have a business creation project to carry out their apprenticeship training in an incubator.

The site of the Ocean Experience Platform, so close to the beach, is ideal for students and elite sportsmen and women to carry out experiments, test products and practice watersports: surfing, stand-up paddle, bodyboarding, sea rescue, sailing, kayaking, wakeboarding, water tours, etc.

For more informations about the Master, clic here to download the brochure.

Applications for the Master’s degree in “International Management of Projects and Products in Action Sports – Surf and Snow Sports” are opened from April 25th to May 25th, on the dedicated website : https://apoflux.u-bordeaux.fr/etudiant/.

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5,000 jobs generated by the sector in Aquitaine  720 km of coastline in the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion Annual turnover: 1.5 billion euros


1 partnership with the Agglomeration South-Basque Country
1 partnership with the University of South Basque Country UPV-EHU  1 partnership with the EuroSIMA cluster
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Master Management international des projets et produits action sports - sports de glisseMaster Management international des projets et produits action sports - sports de glisse

La plateforme Ocean Experiences intègre à titre expérimental, un cursus internationalisé, pluridisciplinaire, multilingue, spécialisé : le master Management international des projets et produits action sports – Sports de glisse (MI2PAS). S’adaptant aux évolutions des besoins du secteur en matière de recrutement, ce master, créé en 1999, vise à l’obtention de compétences dans le domaine du management, de la gestion, et à l’acquisition de connaissances spécifiques au secteur d’activité : culture, publics, transformation de pratiques, marchés, innovations technologiques, etc. Il engage les étudiants dans des démarches créatives et les prépare aux métiers de chef de produit, de projet, responsable commercial, chargé de développement et création d'entreprise. Il accueille chaque année des professionnels dans le cadre de la formation tout au...