Innovation in education

Innovation in education initiative

Objective: supporting the development of an innovative range of courses for the new 2016-2020 accreditation through the implementation of active teaching methods,the internationalization of training, the use of ICT, etc.

This program supplements the other IdEx Bordeaux programs related to innovative training methods: "International Master's Degrees"* and "Training Platforms".

This program applies to all lecturer-researchers and teachers in all IdEx Bordeaux founding institutions.

Eligibility criteria:

  • projects in the fields covered by the site's research of excellence
  • innovative teaching practices
  • inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural approaches
  • approaches and organizational structures aimed at strengthening ties with socio-economic players
  • development of new courses, etc.

6 components working in synergy:

  • Component 1: One-semester teaching exemption for retraining and educational innovation
  • Component 2: Target-specific projects acting as demonstrators
  • Component 3: Structural investments for the renovation of the offering
  • Component 4: Communication and dissemination of good practices
  • Component 5: Development of a crosscutting thematic offering which can be mainstreamed
  • Component 6: Languages and culture (priority 1 – English, 2 – Supplementary language)

Submission of projects:

  • Only component 1 of the "Innovation in Education" program gives rise to a call for expressions of interest.
  • The projects supported under the other components of the program give rise to an agreement with the Colleges, as far as the University of Bordeaux is concerned. For the other partners of IdEx Bordeaux, an agreement is signed with the institution. Project initiators are thus invited to submit their projects to their home entities (College of the University of Bordeaux or institution).

* It should be noted that the internationalization of a Bachelor's Degree comes under component 3 of the Innovation in Education program. On the other hand, the internationalization of a Master's Degree comes under the International Master's Degrees program.


Training officer

Julie Lavoinne
Projects manager

2 priority focuses: digital and international projects 6 axes
17 supported projects to date
Sébastien Soulet, Ingénieur en vapologie, LFEL (laboratoire francais du e-liquide)© Sandrine Rui

The ‘Social Sciences for all’ project responds to an open and multidisciplinary challenge, and not only within our center as these teaching units are designed to be part of any initial and continuing training branch. It is also an opportunity for thirty teachers from the Human Sciences College to improve their distance learning teaching skills while experimenting with unprecedented educational forms. 

Sandrine Rui,
Director of the Human Sciences College of the University of Bordeaux and 'Social Sciences for all' project leader

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The free, open-source R software for data processing and statistical analysis is widely used in education and research. In the 2014 campaign ("Digital Challenge" call for projects), a group of 8 lecturers and lecturer-researchers (stemming from various components of the University of Bordeaux and the INP) was formed to create a variety of self-training materials around crosscutting statistical notions. The first documents, concerning the use of R and descriptive inferential statistics, have just been finalized. Other fields will be focused on in 2016. Within the scope of this project, IdEx Bordeaux provided support to a doctoral student for her supplementary assignment, while MAPI provided her with technical and pedagogical expertise.

The collection of serious games in health of the University of BordeauxThe collection of serious games in health of the University of Bordeaux

Faced with the growing offer of serious games for medical training, teachers of the College of Health Sciences, are developing a collection of virtual clinical cases in partnership with a Bordeaux company, Interaction Healthcare. They will be characterized by their pedagogical quality, scientific rigor and their superior playability. Their content will comply with the ECN program, which prepares sixth year students to take the national exam that determines their medical specialty. Each serious game will describe a clinical situation related to a given disease and related items of the ECN, and will be addressed to various health professionals in training at the University of Bordeaux (medical and paramedical).

SHS for AllSHS for All

Initiated by the College of Human Sciences of the University of Bordeaux, the SHS for All project, conducted with the backing of MAPI, is supported within the scope of the Innovation in Education program 2016 of IdEx Bordeaux. It is an innovative project in terms of multi-disciplinarity as it consists of 5 distance teaching units focused of 5 subjects covered in a multi-disciplinary way by teachers of Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Educational Science, and Physical and Sporting Activity Sciences and Techniques. This concept could be replicated and adapted to other disciplines. The 5 teaching units will be available to all departments wishing to offer their full-time and continuing education students – from Bachelor's Degree to Doctorate levels – such an overview of Social and Human Sciences. The project will be rolled out at the...