Aeronautics Training Platform

Objective: developing and promoting a study program suited to the needs of the aeronautics industry.

Over recent years, the aerospace industry has been faced with major technological challenges – to meet new environmental constraints aimed at reducing aircraft emissions, fuel consumption, noise, etc. It is also confronted with industrial challenges – to cope with increasing market demand.

As an example, the civil aviation market has been growing 5% a year and will need 31,000 to 36,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years. The production of the Airbus A320 NEO will thus be stepped up from the current 42 aircraft per month to 50 in 2017 and 60 in 2020.

To address this challenge, the University of Bordeaux is working on the development and promotion of study programs suited to industry needs, via the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux. It boasts recognized skills and study programs, such as those offered by IMA in Mérignac on aircraft maintenance. Over 400 students are currently enrolled in these multi-disciplinary programs, which enable all of them to find employment rapidly.

In collaboration with its industrial partners, the University of Bordeaux is continuing its development through the dissemination and content of its innovative, ambitious projects focused on aircraft maintenance: creation of international study programs, creation of e-learning programs, integration of virtual reality in the programs, development of simulators, etc.

Through the deployment of privileged partnerships with regional industries, additional skills and knowledge are put to use by the University of Bordeaux, with the backing of data stemming from research and innovation.


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Olivier Puissant
Project manager



1 international master’s degree created in 2015 through the national civil aviation school (ENAC)

2 simulators: A 300 600 and A electric E-fan 1.0 deigned by students
1 virtual reality room 5 aircraft available to students for exercises under real conditions
Franck CazaurangFranck Cazaurang
© Olivier Delhoumeau

Le master AESOP Aerospace system and operations a été mis en place pour
construire une offre de formation aéronautique à l’international. Ce double diplôme permet à des étudiants au niveau bachelor aux États-Unis ou master 2 en France, d’acquérir en un an une formation aux sciences de l’ingénieur axée sur les métiers de la gestion du cycle de vie des aéronefs. La formation AESOP permettra à de jeunes ingénieurs de sortir avec un Master of engineering AESOP américain et un Diplôme universitaire international AESOP français. Bagage idéal pour s’intégrer rapidement dans le monde de l'aéronautique, ce double diplôme donne aux étudiants un avantage concurrentiel par l'acquisition de bonnes connaissances opérationnelles. Cette formation d'un an se déroule en anglais, 6 mois à Cincinnati puis 6 mois à Bordeaux.

Franck Cazaurang,
professeur en automatique à l’université de Bordeaux, directeur de l’Institut de maintenance aéronautique (IMA)

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Présence de l'université de Bordeaux sur les salons aéronautiques

En participant aux salons professionnels du secteur aéronautique, la plateforme s'inscrit au coeur de réseaux de collaborations scientifiques et industriels sources d’innovations.

3 partnership agreements signed with Enac, Assystem and FNAM in 20153 partnership agreements signed with Enac, Assystem and FNAM in 2015

At the 2015 Paris Air Show, 3 partnership agreements signed with: Enac to set up the joint international Master's program "Aircraft Life Management & Maintenance" (AL2M), to be launched at the beginning of 2016 Assystem, for joint initiatives: recruiting of young graduates, trainees and apprentices by Assystem and its partners, presentations given to students by industry professionals, job-search support for students, development of continuing education for Assystem employees, etc. FNAM and various training institutions, to promote "the excellence of French aeronautic study programs" on international markets