The governance bodies of the IdEx Bordeaux.

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IdEx Bordeaux benefits from a delegation of authority from its partners via the Management Committee (uniting representatives from all of the program’s partners), which relies on the advice of two independent committees composed of outside members (Strategic Committee and Audit Committee) as well as on an Operational Committee (Coop). The president of the Management Committee is Manuel Tunon de Lara, president of the University of Bordeaux.

Decision-making: the Management Committee

The Management Committee brings together representatives from all the IdEx Bordeaux stakeholders. It is a deliberative body with majority representation of the University of Bordeaux. Beyond the steering and supervision of the proper use of funds provided by the government, its purpose is to advance the mobilization of funding from all the partners to benefit IdEx’s objectives. At the same time, the Management Committee makes sure that the site’s Investments for the future schemes at the site level are consistent.

Guidance: the Strategic Committee and the Audit Committee

The Strategic Commitee

Instantiated in 2012 with its first startup meeting on November 29 and 30, 2012, this advisory body helps the Management Committee with defining the IdEx strategy and implementing its inclusion into the strategy of the site. It provides opinions on the opportunities for launching, pursuing, or halting projects according to the results or impact that it does its best to detail. It brings together 5 figures who are internationally recognized for their outstanding expertise in higher education and research. After each of its work sessions (up to 2 times per year), the Strategic Committee provides recommendations for the IdEx program’s guidance.

The Audit Committee

The objective of the audit is to examine a group of IdEx’s procedures as well as their organizational and governance conditions in order to evaluate their conformity in relation to the commitments taken on when the agreements were made. The analysis of detected discrepancies and non-conformities will result in the drafting of an audit report detailing all the strategic recommendations and suggestions meant for IdEx governance.

Managing: the Thematic Committees

The actions proposed within the framework of Initiative of Excellence are brought together under three strands of action. Each of these strands is put under the operational management of the Thematic Committees (CTOs). Each committee is in charge of the definition, the implementation and the monitoring of those actions within the strand of action, within the scope entrusted by the Management Committee. The CTOs gather diverse expertise regarding the strand’s thematic to assure the coherence of the actions and to achieve the development objectives that the IdEx aims at. The members of the committees are appointed by the Management Committee for a period of one year.



Anne Leblond
Coordination manager

166, cours de l'Argonne
33 000 Bordeaux


Members of the Audit Commitee

  • M. Michel PRADA, president of public sector accounting standards board
  • M. André MARBACH, consultant in International and European Strategies
  • M. Didier LANGMANTIL, president of TRANSPARENCE group, financial and accounting audits consulting firm

Members of the Management Committee

College of founders

  • Manuel TUNON DE LARA, president of the IdEx Bordeaux Management Committee, president of the University of Bordeaux
  • Sandrine RUI, vice-president in charge of curriculum, University of Bordeaux
  • Philippe MORETTO, vice-president in charge of research, University of Bordeaux
  • Jean-Jacques TOULMÉ, University of Bordeaux
  • Hélène VELASCO-GRACIET, president of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne
  • Marc PHALIPPOU, general director of the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux
  • Yves DÉLOYE, director of Sciences Po Bordeaux
  • Olivier LAVIALLE, director of Bordeaux Sciences Agro
  • Danièle HAUSER, deputy advisory scientific director CNRS (representing Catherine Jessus, advisory scientific director at the CNRS)
  • Valérie MAZEAU-WOYNAR, director of partnerships and external relationships, Inserm

College of partners of higher education and research

  • Jean-Pierre GIANNINI, director, CEA Cesta
  • Philippe VIGOUROUX, general director, Bordeaux University Hospital
  • Hubert DE ROCHAMBEAU, president, Inra Bordeaux-Aquitaine
  • Nicolas ROUSSEL, director, Inria Bordeaux Sud Ouest
  • Frédéric SAUDUBRAY, director, Irstea Bordeaux

Local and regional authorities

  • Gérard BLANCHARD, vice-president for Higher education and Research, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Government
  • Franck RAYNAL, vice-president, Urban community of Bordeaux

College of socio-economic partners

  • Frédéric CAUCHOIS, director, Bordeaux University foundation
  • Agnès PAILLARD, president, Aerospace Valley
  • Eric MOTTAY, CEO, Amplitude Systèmes
  • Stéphanie NADAUD, cooperative life and communication director, Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest

Ex officio members

  • Pierre DARTOUT, regional prefect
  • Olivier DUGRIP, academy rector

Permanent guests

  • Hélène JACQUET, vice-president strategy and development
  • Maylis CHUSSEAU, CEO, Aquitaine Science Transfert
  • Michel HAïSSAGUERRE, director, IHU LIRYC

Other guests

  • Gaëlle BUJAN, regional delegate, CNRS
  • Philippe LECONTE, regional delegate from Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Inserm

Members of the Strategic Committee

  • Suzanne FORTIER, principal and vice-chancellor of Mc Gill University, Montréal (former president of CRSNG)
  • Richard FRACKOWIAK, professor of Neurology, IHU jury president (UNIL)
  • Olaf KUBLER, president and professor emeritus, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich
  • José Ramón MONTERO, professor of Political Science, Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Martin WIRSING, professor of Information Technology, vice-president of the University of Munich (LMU)

Members of the Thematic Committees

CTO Research, Doctorate, innovation

  • Philippe MORETTO
  • Laurent COGNET
  • Danièle HAUSER
  • Véronique PALLET
  • Marc-Alexandre SÉNÉGAS
  • Vincent TIBERJ
  • Cécile ZAKRI

CTO Education and student experience

  • Sandrine RUI
  • Christophe BACON
  • Camille CAPELLE
  • Michel DUPUY
  • Joanne PAGÈZE
  • Sandrine PAYAN
  • Nicolas SÉVENET

CTO Talents

  • Dean LEWIS
  • Marie-Béatrice CÉLABE
  • Véronique DEROCHE
  • Michel DUPUY
  • Danièle HAUSER
  • Valentin NÄGERL
  • Jean-Jacques TOULMÉ