Culture, creative industries and territories: UBIC


Objective: assisting cultural and creative industry players in the design, implementation and evaluation of their projects. How? By providing assistance with project management, training, and the design of cultural data.

UBIC is a social innovation project launched by the Bordeaux Montaigne University within the scope of the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux. Backed by the TELEM EA 4195 team, it develops an inter-disciplinary approach involving some thirty researchers and lecturer-researchers stemming from 7 SHS laboratories in Bordeaux.

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As a meeting place of the cultural world and the academic world, UBIC aims to provide professionals in the sector(designers, operators, public players, etc.) with academic knowledge and know-how in three key areas, which are at the heart of the major transformations in cultural projects and policies:

  • the regionalization of cultural projects and policies
  • the evaluation of cultural projects and policies, in particular within the scope of European procedures
  • cultural policy training for French-speaking managers

This procedure rests on 3 main measures:

  • the design of data (stemming from fieldworkers or regional players) to format the information, good practices, and existing knowledge in order to promote their dissemination and appropriation;
  • the broadening and diversification of training methods;
  • providing support to project initiators (assistance with project management, co-production, etc.).

UBIC also aims to enhance the employability of cultural Master's Degree students in Bordeaux universities. To this effect, the social innovation project is tasked with coordinating tutored projects and contracts offering students (during or after their graduation) the possibility of working in the socio-economic sphere and gaining experience.


Bordeaux Montaigne University

Laetitia Devel

Alexandre Peraud

Our "territories" are confronted with major social, financial and political changes. As a university lecturer as well as a culture professional, I recognize the added value of UBIC as an interface between researchers and territorial players, whether local or international. This added value is of course materialized as knowledge, which is a specificity of academic research, but also as support to be provided. And this "joint effort" rests on a principle of reciprocity, as it will no doubt feed our own research. Lastly, this capacity to mobilize lecturer-researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students, as well as students in our academic programs, will improve this last group's knowledge through encounters with "fieldworkers", and thus facilitate their entry into the professional world

François Pouthier,
Director of the Cultural Agency of Gironde (IDDAC) and associate professor at the Bordeaux Montaigne University.