LAPHIA - Call for Projects Evaluation

Members of the LAPHIA Scientific council and/or external referees will review the projects. Here you'll find more information about the evaluation form used for the selection of projects.

The evaluation form is divided into 5 sections covering all the evaluation criteria and selection of projects presented in the description of the LAPHIA internal research call. Each section contains a number of points in order to facilitate the analysis for the referee and to help him/her to provide a synthesis score for each section. It is requested for each section a comment (around 10 lines) supporting the assessment of the referee. The synthesis score for each section has not to be directly the average of each intermediary score, it must be in coherence with the overall impression that emerges.

1. Relevance of the proposal to the guidelines of the internal research call

2. Scientific and technical quality of the project - Methodology, quality of the construction of the project

3. Global impact of the project

4. Quality of the consortium

5. Balance – Support requested / Project feasibility

& Global comments and advices

For more information, the evaluation form is available online: