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October 26th 2017 - November 26th 2017

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2018 call for applications

October 26th 2017 - November 26th 2017


Le troisième volet du Programme d’investissements d’avenir (PIA 3) – Cadre institutionnel et intentions de dépôt

Le troisième volet du Programme d’investissements d’avenir annoncé l’été dernier  est doté de 10 milliards d’euros, dont 5,9 milliards bénéficieront à l’enseignement, la recherche et la valorisation de celle-ci.

L’université de Bordeaux entend être présente dans le cadre du troisième volet du PIA (PIA 3). A cet effet, une démarche institutionnelle est mise en place permettant d'organiser une réponse coordonnée au PIA 3.

Un comité de pilotage est installé dès à présent pour coordonner la participation de l'université de Bordeaux et se préparer aux différents appels du PIA 3. Il est en charge d'étudier toute intention de projet engageant des ressources de l’université de Bordeaux (tous axes confondus) et de se prononcer sur son opportunité.

Dans la continuité de l'Initiative d'excellence de l'université de Bordeaux, ce comité de pilotage est installé avec le CNRS et l'Inserm. L'ensemble des partenaires du site concernés par les projets susceptibles d'être déposés sont invités à y participer.

Les informations sur le PIA 3 sont disponibles sur le site du gouvernement.

Toute intention de dépôt de projet doit être déclarée au préalable pour faire l'objet d'une instruction. Un formulaire en ligne est disponible ci-dessous.


Formulaire d'intention de dépôt au PIA3

Les champs avec un astérisque sont obligatoires.

Données personnelles
Nom *
Prénom *
Email *
Établissement de rattachement *
Autre précisez :
Structure (Collège, laboratoire, etc...) *
Titre du projet *
Résumé du projet *
Document requis
Description du projet en 5 à 10 pages en format PDF (résumé, établissements et structures partenaires, description du projet, budget estimé)

Programme émergence

Bordeaux-Waterloo joint grants

Open until August 31st 2017

Since the first scientific collaborations in 2010 until today’s institutional ties, the partnership between the University of Waterloo (UW) and the University of Bordeaux (UB) has been growing at a rapid pace. Joint actions are diverse and cover a range of research with particularly strong collaborations in the following fields: Functional materials for energy, Nanosciences, Health  and Environment.


A joint workshop in May 2014 identified a number of existing and new research collaborations that would move the two institutions closer together and produce research outcomes of international significance as a result of combined research strength. This workshop led to a framework agreement in December 2014 that confirmed the mutual trust between the two institutions and shared interest to further develop existing partnerships in various disciplines as well as new cooperation opportunities.

Since 2015, both universities have launched two joint calls for projects to support collaboration initiatives. A third joint call for research and training projects is launched in July 2017.

Call structure of 2017:

  • Those topics for which existing or new collaboration could serve as a platform for more elaborate research programs are placed into Category A. These include projects in the priority fields of materials science, water, energy and ageing.
  • Projects supporting emerging collaborations that show promise in terms of research results or training outputs but require further discussion to identify precise areas of interest will fall into Category B. All fields are covered in this category.

Deadline for applications :

  • August 31st 2017


Drew Knight,
Director, Global Alliances
University of Waterloo

Phone : 519-888-4567 x32288

Véronique Debord-Lazaro,
Director of the International Office
University of Bordeaux

Phone : +33 5 40 00 36 43


Principal Investigator in Bordeaux
Name of your laboratory in Bordeaux
Last Name*
First Name*
Principal Investigator in Waterloo
Name of your laboratory in Waterloo
Last Name*
First Name*
General informations
Type of project: Category A or Category B*
Email address*
Documents to be provided
Application Form
Short CV for each of the researchers
Letters of endorsement from partner or affiliated institutions and also from those making cash contributions to the project

LAPHIA Research calls

LAPHIA - AAP2018 #2 - Research & Valorization

The general principle of LAPHIA's call for projects is to support innovative research initiatives in laser, photonics materials and imaging. The applications are evaluated by external referees and by members of the Scientific Council.


The research projects are then approved by the Board of Directors, according to the global strategy of the cluster and to the following criteria:

  • Foster cooperations between the LAPHIA teams (Cluster added value)
  • Support the highest quality projects (scientific excellence)
  • Support projects consistent with the LAPHIA local structure

While the funding will be mostly devoted to LAPHIA partners, collaborations with other IdEx partners will be welcome, as well as collaborations with non-funded external partners. The key objective is to ensure that LAPHIA has a dynamic effect on its environment, either in the core disciplines or in neighboring disciplines.

The new AAP2018 #2 is close

LAPHIA support intends to provide a leverage financial effect. While no prefunding is required, it is expected from the project leaders to seek for and point out (a posteriori) any extra-funding that could consolidate the first LAPHIA support. Besides, the LAPHIA support can be used as a refill to an already existing project involving one or several teams of the Cluster (provided the project leader can demonstrate a major scientific added value and an organizational synergetic effect of the LAPHIA support). 
As French and European agencies already provide dedicated findings to mid-term projects (2 to 4 years), LAPHIA support intent to be complementary – in particular for short-term high risk projects or help structuring long-term projects.

For this annual call for projects, we propose to support

  • Risky Project (RP) 

  • Passport Project (PP) 

  • Research Mobility Project (RM) for teams

AAP2018 #2 Schedule

  • Launch of the call of projects – Year 2018 #2: April 4th, 2018
  • Deadline for submitting application files: May 4th, 2018 (midday Paris Time)
  • Evaluation of the proposals: May-June 2018
Results publication: mid-July 2018
  • Fundings availability: August 2018

To submit your proposal

1 - Please download the model document (LAPHIA-AAP2018-Project_proposal.doc) herebelow (click on the "Documentation" banner)

2 - Apply here before  May 4th, 2018 (midday, Paris time)

  • Click on the « Submit your application » banner at the end of this webpage
  • Fill the form with your personal information
  • Upload the final version of your proposal (1 single file : PDF, DOC, DOCX or ODT) 


For more information, please download the full LAPHIA AAP2018 Call for projects PDF document herebelow.



Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine
Rue François Mitterrand
33405 Talence
Tel : 05 57 01 71 11

Daniel da Rocha

Submit your application

  • Each document must not exceed 10 pages (included appendices) police: Times - 11.
Personal details
Last Name *
First Name *
Email address*
Acronym of the project*
Title of the project *
Type of project: risky / passport / mobility
LAPHIA axes: laser physics of high energy densities / photonic materials / innovative imaging
Amount (in €)
Project duration (in months)
Name of Holder laboratory
List of project partners (laboratories and/or industrial)
Documents to be provided
Project Proposal - Upload your document herebelow
Zoom ...
LAPHIA - AAP // Projects Definitions

What is a Passport Project? // What is a research Mobility Project? // What is a Passport Project? Here find more information about Risky, Passport or Mobility projects funded by the LAPHIA Call for Projects!

LAPHIA - Call for Projects Evaluation

Members of the LAPHIA Scientific council and/or external referees will review the projects. Here you'll find more information about the evaluation form used for the selection of projects.

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