Bordeaux-Waterloo joint grants

Open until August 31st 2017

Since the first scientific collaborations in 2010 until today’s institutional ties, the partnership between the University of Waterloo (UW) and the University of Bordeaux (UB) has been growing at a rapid pace. Joint actions are diverse and cover a range of research with particularly strong collaborations in the following fields: Functional materials for energy, Nanosciences, Health  and Environment.


A joint workshop in May 2014 identified a number of existing and new research collaborations that would move the two institutions closer together and produce research outcomes of international significance as a result of combined research strength. This workshop led to a framework agreement in December 2014 that confirmed the mutual trust between the two institutions and shared interest to further develop existing partnerships in various disciplines as well as new cooperation opportunities.

Since 2015, both universities have launched two joint calls for projects to support collaboration initiatives. A third joint call for research and training projects is launched in July 2017.

Call structure of 2017:

  • Those topics for which existing or new collaboration could serve as a platform for more elaborate research programs are placed into Category A. These include projects in the priority fields of materials science, water, energy and ageing.
  • Projects supporting emerging collaborations that show promise in terms of research results or training outputs but require further discussion to identify precise areas of interest will fall into Category B. All fields are covered in this category.

Deadline for applications :

  • August 31st 2017


Drew Knight,
Director, Global Alliances
University of Waterloo

Phone : 519-888-4567 x32288

Véronique Debord-Lazaro,
Director of the International Office
University of Bordeaux

Phone : +33 5 40 00 36 43


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