Arts & sciences 2018

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The Arts & Sciences program aims to promote creativity on the Bordeaux site to transform it into a living and open innovation center.

Support is provided to artistic projects jointly undertaken by researchers and artists which promote the development and transfer of knowledge.

The characteristics that researchers and artists share is their relationship with the imaginary world and with creativity, and their epistemological approaches also bear comparison. Artistic and scientific approaches both require effort, thoroughness, imagination, risk-taking, trial and error, experimentation... The methods, attitudes and issues are different, but, faced with questions about the world, artists and scientists resemble one another.

Two calls for proposals are launched in the research site of Bordeaux site to stimulate these meetings between research and the arts:

  • A call for expressions of interest Arts & Sciences - without a specific theme opened to scientists on the Bordeaux campus and all artists who wish to invest in a research, creation and production process
  • A call for proposals on the theme of “Intelligence(s)” linked to the festival FACTS – festival of arts and sciences of the University of Bordeaux and with a dimension of mediation

Support modalities 

It is expected that the artists and scientists will make an equal commitment to their collaboration. This collaboration ultimate aim is the creation of a work, a prototype or a means of transmitting knowledge to society.

Depending on the nature of the project, the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux may provide different kinds of support:

  • direct financial aid
  • assistance with project management
  • assistance with artists’ residences within the research environment (workshops, meetings…)
  • assistance with making the public aware of the output of the project


The projects that receive support will consist of a team including at least one researcher and one artist and will be accompanied by the host laboratory.

For projects which do not yet have both a scientist and an artist in their team, meetings will be organized during the application period between scientists and artists who are interested in the project. 

Selection process

The “Arts and Sciences” committee will shortlist eligible projects. This committee brings together the artistic direction of the Festival, the direction of academic life and the direction of research of the university, and people from outside the Bordeaux higher education and research site who are representative of the “arts and sciences” themes and whose expertise is established.

The committee’s recommendations will be sent to the IdEx Bordeaux Management Board which will make the final choice about which projects will be selected and thus make a final decision as to the allocation of resources to each project. 


  • Opening of the application period: 10 September 2018
  • Launch evening : 17 October 2018
  • Closing of the application period: 16 November 2018 at 23h59
  • Announcement of chosen projects: early 2019

Provision of support to, and implementation of projects: as soon as the chosen projects are announced.


Hélène Schwalm
Arts and Sciences Project officer


Tel : +33 5 40 00 65 60