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LAPHIA - AAP2019 #1 - Recherche & Valorisation


The general principle of LAPHIA's call for projects is to support innovative research initiatives in laser, photonics materials and imaging. The applications are evaluated by external referees and by members of the Scientific Council.

The research projects are then approved by the Board of Directors, according to the global strategy of the cluster and to the following criteria:

  • Foster cooperations between the LAPHIA teams (Cluster added value)
  • Support the highest quality projects (scientific excellence)
  • Support projects consistent with the LAPHIA local structure

While the funding will be mostly devoted to LAPHIA partners, collaborations with other IdEx partners will be welcome, as well as collaborations with non-funded external partners. The key objective is to ensure that LAPHIA has a dynamic effect on its environment, either in the core disciplines or in neighboring disciplines.

The new AAP2019 #1 is now open.

LAPHIA support intends to provide a leverage financial effect. While no prefunding is required, it is expected from the project leaders to seek for and point out (a posteriori) any extra-funding that could consolidate the first LAPHIA support. Besides, the LAPHIA support can be used as a refill to an already existing project involving one or several teams of the Cluster (provided the project leader can demonstrate a major scientific added value and an organizational synergetic effect of the LAPHIA support). 
As French and European agencies already provide dedicated findings to mid-term projects (2 to 4 years), LAPHIA support intent to be complementary – in particular for short-term high risk projects or help structuring long-term projects.

For this annual call for projects, we propose to support

  • Risky Project (RP) 

  • Passport Project (PP) 

  • Research Mobility Project (RM) for teams

AAP2019 #1 Schedule

  • Launch of the call of proposals – Year 2019 #1: November 16th, 2018
  • Deadline for submitting application files: December 19th, 2018 (midday Paris Time).
  • Evaluation of the proposals: January-February 2019
  • Publication of the results: March 2019
  • Funding availability: March 2019

To submit your proposal

1 - Please download the model document (LAPHIA-AAP2019#1-Project_proposal.doc) herebelow (click on the "Documentation" banner)

2 - Apply here before  December 19th, 2018 (midday, Paris time)

  • Click on the « Submit your application » banner at the end of this webpage
  • Fill the form with your personal information
  • Upload the final version of your proposal (1 single PDF file


For more information, please download the full LAPHIA AAP2019#1 Call for projects PDF document herebelow.



Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine
Rue François Mitterrand
33405 Talence
Tel : 05 57 01 71 11

Daniel da Rocha

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LAPHIA - AAP // Projects Definitions

What is a Passport Project? // What is a research Mobility Project? // What is a Passport Project? Here find more information about Risky, Passport or Mobility projects funded by the LAPHIA Call for Projects!

LAPHIA - Call for Projects Evaluation

Members of the LAPHIA Scientific council and/or external referees will review the projects. Here you'll find more information about the evaluation form used for the selection of projects.