Promoting careers

International mobility program
Section 1: teachers and researchers mobility

Objective: permitting researchers or teachers-researchers to carry out personal projects for career development in the context of medium-duration international mobility.

Within the general scope of a talent management policy, complementary with the policy to broaden the university's appeal, this program aims to encourage international mobility as a driving force of career development and help transform practices among organizations through skills acquired within this mobility context.

The intended mobility must be carried out over a minimum continuous period of six months and cannot exceed a period of one year. It must be incorporated within the framework of a formalized personal career project and the anticipated benefits must reflect areas of focus for development policies supported by IdEx Bordeaux, namely:

  • internationalization of practices 
  • public/private sector relations
  • educational innovation
  • organizational innovation
  • building excellence
  • technology transfer
  • etc.

The "Career Development - International Mobility" program is in two sections, which apply to:

  • Section 1: researchers and research professors
  • Section 2: administrative personnel

As part of this new program, IdEx Bordeaux is beginning a trial campaign in 2016 focusing on section 1, which applies to researchers and research professors.

The first call for applications is now closed.



Christelle Bellenger
Deputy director

Tel : 05 40 00 67 84