Partnerships & Innovation Department

Objective: implementing University of Bordeaux’s partnership policy through the development and coordination of the institution’s collaboration with its public and private partners.

By coordinating relationships with enterprises, it implements the university’s innovation strategy and promotes the rooting of an entrepreneurial culture within the community. 

Several actions are developed for this purpose , such as:

  • working groups to gather business requirements and imagine together new forms of university - business cooperation
  • annual meetings university - business
  • innovation projects


Partnerships and innovation department

Rodolphe Gouin
Director of Development and Innovation

Tel : 05 40 00 67 92

More than 70 businesses participated with 4 University of Bordeaux working groups (3 three-hour sessions) 250 participants attended university-business conferences in 2014 and 2015 20 innovation projects monitored in the University of Bordeaux innovation process in 2015

Agnès Passault© Agnès Passault

The events of the year in a few #badges #collection

Tweet of Agnès Passault,
company head and president of Regional Syndicate of I.T. and digital technology professionals SYRPIN, posted on November 1, 2015, and who publicly recognized the 2nd university-business conference on November 20, 2015 as one of the 5 most significant events of the year

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Close to one hundred businesses awarded the label «UB friendly»Close to one hundred businesses awarded the label «UB friendly»

In 2014, the University of Bordeaux launched a «UB friendly» campaign to highlight the businesses that are committed to working alongside the University. The principal is simple. Businesses that have taken on an intern or trainee, paid their Apprenticeship Tax, been involved in one of the training programs, collaborated in research with one of the laboratories, or sent their employees to a training program at the university can receive the «UB friendly» title. With this label, the University of Bordeaux wishes to acknowledge the businesses as closed partners and encourage different types of collaboration in the future. This label also is a way of confirming their commitment to the University of Bordeaux ecosystem and thereby their desire to stay in close contact. Once they receive this label, a «UB friendly» business strengthens...