Support for Innovation in Education Initiative

Objective: offering support to the academic teams of the University of Bordeaux for the development of courses and teaching methods.

This hybrid between a pedagogical service and an electronic resource center is aimed at all university players engaged in teaching activities. It combines university pedagogy and digital technology.

To promote student success, MAPI strives to continuously improve the quality of teachings and the program offering, in coordination with the accreditation process.

MAPI offers an array of courses, workshops, pedagogical coffee breaks and full-day training session to teachers, doctoral students and anyone wanting to upgrade their teaching practices and improve their professional use of new teaching methods.

MAPI offers its expertise and support to teachers who want to innovate and adapt their courses to new audiences, diversify their teaching strategies, switch from classroom teaching to e-learning, evaluate their teaching methods, expand their pedagogical skills and their use of electronic teaching resources, etc.

MAPI provides you with resources, tools, and most importantly, skills in multimedia technology, university pedagogy, experimentation, and e-learning.


Support for Innovation in Education Initiative


Providing support for innovation in teaching methods is one of the objectives of MAPI.

The succession of technological advances calls for an improvement or even a transformation of teaching practices. As far as substance is concerned, the teachers remain in charge of the content of their courses; MAPI provides them with appropriate tools and technical solutions to enhance that content. With its expertise in the development of teaching methods, MAPI also assists teachers in their assessment of the quality of the courses – a must for the overall improvement of all academic programs at the University of Bordeaux.

By bringing together – within MAPI – teachers and personnel specialized in the development of teaching methods, the development of teaching platforms, and the evaluation of courses, the University of Bordeaux has set up an original structure, the only one of its kind in France.

Marthe-Aline JUTAND,
Director of MAPI