Objective: nurturing the students’ spirit of initiative while reinforcing the international reputation of the University of Bordeaux by supporting multi-disciplinary international projects involving at least five students and drawing upon Bordeaux’s acknowledged research strengths.

The projects supported must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Enhance the international image of the University of Bordeaux
  • Fit in with the site's research forces
  • Nurture a competitive spirit
  • Involve groups of students (minimum of 5 people)
  • Involve work carried out in "project" mode, if possible across several disciplines and levels

2 types of support:

  • Assistance with the formulation of the aid request and with communications concerning the project
  • Financial support after the selection of the project: up to 50% of the total budget

Requests may be submitted at any time and are examined at the meetings of the FSDIE commission. Applicants are informed of the proposed support within 20 days following these dates.


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Camille Forgeau
Project manager

Tel :  05 40 00 67 51



6 supported projects : HPA, iGem, Robot Cup, 24h of innovation, Thought for food, Fly your ideas  + than 70  participants in international challenges 3 medals
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iGem 2015, a gold medal for the Bordeaux team Part of the Bordeaux Igem 2015 team - © Gautier DufauiGem 2015, a gold medal for the Bordeaux team

Their names are Hiba, Édouard, Savandara, Charlotte and Jean-Rémy… Their average age is 22. On Thursday evenings, they could have chosen to do sporting activities, take part in plays, or just go out on the town like most young people. Instead, these biology students spend several hours cooped up in the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (IECB) with a mission for 2015: finding a cure for mildew on grapevines. The solution of these self-called Padawans of science is to create a curdlan-based spray to be used on the plants.  "This natural polysaccharide, used as a food additive, has numerous beneficial effects on the grapevine, including the stimulation of its immune system to combat the disease". These young researchers won the gold medal in the international competition in synthetic biology – iGem 2015 – which took place...