Objective: developing a cardiac exploration instrument to improve the defining of electrophysiological disorders of the heart.

Under the leadership of Pierre Jais.



Pierre Jais
Director of MUSIC


 120 cases of atrial fibrillation and 20 cases of atrial tachycardia treated every year through MUSIC
Over 150 patients were treated on site with the MUSIC software  
Over 40 patients were treated abroad within the consortium (see focus)  10 or so training sessions per year for doctors 
Pierre Jais, professeur de cardiologie à l'université de Bordeaux et cardiologue au CHU de Bordeaux

Thanks to MUSIC – the software we developed using a combination of X-ray and IRM equipment – we have wonderful guidance during the operation. It is possible to reconstruct in 3D the internal and external walls of the ventricular cavity. We thus see the thickness of the tissue, the coronary arteries, the phrenic nerves and all scarred areas. It’s as if we’ve turned on the light in a room in which we previously worked in the dark.

Pierre Jais,
professor of Cardiology at the University of Bordeaux and cardiologist at the CHU (University Hospital) of Bordeaux

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Remote treatment through MUSICRemote treatment through MUSIC

The purpose of MUSIC was to develop a multimodal electrophysiological and imaging data processing platform, and to process this data in the highest available standards by combining it to obtain a highly detailed 3D model of the patient’s heart. MUSIC has achieved this objective for ventricular arrhythmias. A website was created to enable a dozen leading centers worldwide to send in their raw data. This data is processed in less than 24 hours and multi-parameter models are sent to the centers. They can then load these models into their catheter navigation systems. The customized model is then used to guide procedures in diseased areas and to avoid sensitive structures like coronary arteries and phrenic nerves. The American centers are particularly active and the MUSIC software was used by the group led by F. Marchlinski at the VT...