The brain MRI projects conducted with the cohort

The brain MRI projects conducted with the cohortReconstruction of tracts of white matter via diffusion MRI - © i-Share

The study of brain maturation and, in particular, that of brain reserve which is related to cognitive capacities and, in old age, to Alzheimer’s disease, is a major i-Share project. This year, the University of Bordeaux acquired a state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI system, partly funded by i-Share, to carry out 2,000 MRI scans on i-Share participants over a period of 18 months. «It is now recognized that the brain reserve develops in early adulthood and that higher education is a known protective factor against brain aging. These MRI scans will enable us, inter alia, to examine the link between higher education, social/psychological/genetic factors and brain maturation», explains Pr. Christophe Tzourio, neuroepidemiologist in Bordeaux and in charge of the study. «We will also study the impact of stress and depression on brain areas such as the hippocampus, since we know that these factors have a negative impact on memory», he adds. The i-Share program also includes a study of the treatment of stress via a smartphone application. Concerning migraine, the study of brain microvessels will improve knowledge of the physiopathology of this disorder.