Collaborative project on innovative phonotics materials

Collaborative project on innovative phonotics materials 1st prize - architecture (LAPHIA photo competition) - - © Mathieu Coquerelle

Collaborative projects are cornerstones of the LAPHIA programs and INPHOTARCH (Integrated Photonics Architectures) is one of them. Started by LAPHIA, it brings together more than twenty people from four different laboratories with cutting-edge skills in optics, lasers, and materials chemistry. Its objective: developing a new generation of hybrid photonic structures (organic/inorganic) through the use of molecular and supramolecular photonic engineering as well as through structuring via lasers and different-scale electric fields (which will be compatible with their inclusion in assistive devices).This project offers two focal points of highly ambitious work: structuring via lasers and electric fields on one hand, and molecular photonic structures on non-conventional surfaces on the other.

Promising scientific results have already been obtained: around 100 publications in leading international journals, 16 international invited conferences, 8 international invited seminars, 60 oral communications, 3 filed patents, one of which is on the µ-structuring of glass materials via electric field, granted outside funding (Aquitaine région, ANR...), the launch of an International Associated Laboratory between the University of Laval, the INRS (Canada) and the University of Bordeaux «LUMACQ».