International Associated Laboratories (LIA)

Objective: using the CNRS LIA initiative to develop research relationship with IdEx Bordeaux’s international partners on scientific priorities.

The University of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence is seeking to offer support to the International Associated laboratories (LIA) and the International Joint Units (UMI) that fall within the scope of its strategic priorities.

For this purpose, a program was initiated in 2015 to provide specific resources to projects with IdEx Bordeaux accreditation. These resources include operating aid and special access to the IdEx Bordeaux programs that support international collaboration (attractiveness campaigns and international PhD programs, most notably).

Project leaders wishing to submit their project for IdEx Bordeaux accreditation can do so by filling out a project sheet which will then be used to assess the application. This project sheet can be obtained from Véronique Debord-Lazaro.

NB: This support will only be available once the LIA has been validated by the scientific or technological institution concerned (CNRS, Inserm, INRA, etc.) and by University of Bordeaux, and when this has been confirmed by the signing of a partnership agreement.

The project will be assessed based on the following 4 criteria:

  • Scientific positioning in relation to the area of excellence
  • Relevance of the international partnership (in view of the performance of the partner institution with respect to the scientific topic concerned; the industrial collaboration potential for the Bordeaux site; the international policy implemented by IdEx Bordeaux)
  • Training content (related academic program on the Bordeaux site, impact of the research project on Bordeaux students, lifelong education, summer schools, etc.)
  • Critical mass (number of Bordeaux laboratories and staff members involved in the project)


Direction of international relations

Véronique Debord Lazaro

Tel : 05 40 00 36 43


Liste des 19 laboratoires internationaux associés

18 LIAs involving the University of Bordeaux 4 LIAs with Japan 6 LIAs in nuclear physics
4 years: duration of the LIAs, with the possibility of their renewal 6 LIAs coming under the IdEx Bordeaux status  
Reiko Oda, Directrice de Recherche au CNRS, responsable d'équipe au CBMN (UMR 5248)© Reiko Oda

Primary objective of LIA-CNPA is to promote collaboration between the associated laboratories but also to provide an official and global framework for French/Japanese exchanges. For this purpose, I participate actively in the establishment of double/joint degrees between Japanese universities and the University of Bordeaux.

Reiko Oda,
Research director, CNRS, coordinator of LIA «Chiral Nanostructures for Photonic Applications»

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Laboratoire franco-russe ARTEMIRLaboratoire franco-russe ARTEMIR

Akademgorodok, la cité académique, celle que certains nomment aujourd’hui la « Silicon Taïga », est un lieu créée de toutes pièces en 1958, en Sibérie, à proximité de Novosibirsk. Fin 2015, cet environnement grandiose a accueilli un atelier de formation sur les méthodes 3D appliquées à l’étude des sites archéologiques. Organisé à l’occasion de l’inauguration du laboratoire Miroir sibérien dans le cadre du laboratoire international associé (LIA) franco-russe ARTEMIR, regroupant quatre structures françaises, dont l’université de Bordeaux et quatre russes, dont l’université d’État de Novosibirsk. ARTEMIR est dédié à la recherche multidisciplinaire sur l’art préhistorique d’Eurasie. Piloté par Hugues Plisson du laboratoire PACEA de l’université de Bordeaux, ce LIA a été créé pour...