Joint call for proposals


Objective: supporting ambitious emerging programs which have no other sources of funding, to enable them to subsequently apply for national or international funding.

SIRIC BRIO and IdEx Bordeaux issued a joint call for proposals entitled "du Fondamental à l’Appliqué en Cancérologie" (from Fundamental to Applied Research in Cancerology – FAC 2014) aimed at promoting inter-disciplinary cancer research on the Bordeaux site (research in biology, chemistry, computer science, social sciences, clinical studies, etc.).

This call for proposals is aimed at supporting projects offering translational development prospects, enhancing SIRIC programs, and expanding the cancer research community on the Bordeaux site.

This initiative has financed 4 projects for up to 2 years, bringing together at least two teams of one or several IdEx Bordeaux partner institutions, including a SIRIC-accredited team and at least one non-accredited team.



Carlos Mendoza
Research program manager