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Submit here your application to participate to the PhD Academy Global challenges series: WATER, organized in Venice from May 8th to 13th  2017.

Application open until February 28.

Global Challenge Water

The University of Bordeaux coordinates the World challenges series of PhD Academies, within the framework of the Venice International University (VIU – network of 18 universities from USA, Canada, Japan, China, Switzerland, Russia, Israël, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France). The first Global Challenge proposed for 2017 relates to the issue of WATER, addressing different aspects: ecological, ecotoxicological, economical, sociological, cultural, political, juridical, public health. The Venice lagoon was selected as a case-study site: the Italian research institutions involved (Ca’ Foscari and Padova universities, Università luav di Venezia, CNR/ISMAR, CORILA consortium, …) will present during one day conferences and visits on boat of different sites the current state of knowledge from an integrated and multidisciplinary point of view.

PhD students will be recruited, emphasizing the diversity of curriculum, from areas ranging from the humanities and social sciences to science and technology sectors, including health.

Applicants must submit the application form, a covering letter – which should include a brief description of the candidate’s PhD research project, a curriculum vitae and a photo.

The seats’ number is limited; all costs will be taken in charge (transport, accommodation in San Servolo Island).

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