Optics-Photonics-Laser Training Platform

Objective: disseminating photonics skills in all application sectors of this Key Enabling Technology.

The objective of the optics/photonics/laser training platform is to expand Bordeaux's educational offering across the entire photonics sector by creating links between initial and continuing education, educational innovation projects and international initiatives.

The platform's actions revolve around 3 main focuses:

  • Developing lifelong training in the photonics sector, by adapting to technological changes and the needs of socio-economic players
  • Developing a network of industrial and academic partners beyond the Bordeaux campus to increase the outreach of the training offer and boost its attractiveness
  • Stimulating apprenticeship through innovation by bringing together partners and ideas in a "laboratory" of educational practices


Direction of partnerships and innovation

Marie-Bénédicte Vieules
Project manager

Tel : 05 57 01 74 01


60 optical modules on the Bordeaux site 500 m² dedicated to professional training in optics-photonics-laser shared teaching platform
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VP2L, a serious game laser © Novo3dVP2L, a serious game laser

The Virtual Photonic Learning Lab, a project that designs a total 3D virtual environment makes it possible to experience laser or laser equipment simulation. The physical properties are as close as possible to reality. This serious game draws on highly advanced technologies in 3D gaming to offer optic and laser systems. Pedagogic scenarios will be created to train technicians, engineers, students, and end users in maintenance, development, assembly, and adjustment. Training in optic and laser technologies requires practical lessons on expensive, stationary equipment that needs high-level maintenance. This project offers real pedagogic innovation, utilizing attractive methods for learners that are more intuitive and help introduce complex concepts. This project brings together teachers and researchers in the fields of physics, the...