International offering

International Master program

Objective: providing support for educational teams seeking to develop Master programs with an international scope.

For internationalization at undergraduate level, please visit the webpage of the Innovation in Education program
For pedagogical and linguistic support for the development of teaching in English, please visit the webpage of the International Challenge program.

The International Masters program :

  • develops a high-quality international offer that boosts the attractiveness of our Master programs for promising international students.
  • increases the competitiveness of our university for European and international projects by setting-up international consortia.

Support is provided for international Master programs in the launch and/or development phase.
The support is provided for project engineering and financial aid is provided to cover additional costs due to internationalization. Travel scholarships are available for outstanding students who wish to study abroad.

The program funds international Master projects for the following forms of internationalization:

  • Internationalization “at home” (transformation of language and methods of teaching);
  • Development of bilateral partnerships leading to delivery of a double degree / involvement in an international joint study program.
  • Development of multilateral / European partnerships.

Award criteria

  • Development of innovative teaching practices
  • Needs analysis
  • Relevance, implementation and organization of the international project
  • Short, mid and long term sustainability plan
  • Quality of the international partnership, if applicable
  • Communication and promotional strategy
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Innovation in the project with regard to the international strategy of home entities (University of Bordeaux college or partner institution).

To accompany this transformative process, the “International Challenge” program offers educational and linguistic support to educational teams who plan to develop teaching in English.?

Submission of projects

Before submitting the project, a prior validation from the home entities (University of Bordeaux college or partner institution) is required.

Project initiators are invited to submit their applications through the application form, available here. Once completed it should be sent by email to the project manager.

Projects will be evaluated in June 2016 by an advisory board on International Affairs. Consequently, recommendations will be drafted and submitted to the Management Committee. The final decision will then be rapidly communicated to project initiators.


International Office

Deborah Didio
Project manager

Tel : 05 40 00 36 73




training programs supported since 2012 

 3 level licence and 21 level master 208 months of student mobility scholarships funded since September 2014

The financial support of the International Master’s Degrees program allowed us to develop very ambitious projects and to set up international partnerships, which were initially difficult to establish due to a lack of financial means. As a result declarations of intent between international partners were often not followed up, whereas now we have established meaningful contact. What is more, teaching staff have been able to establish realistic collaboration with international partners more naturally.

Review of a lecturer supported by this program

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The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus© Kentaro Mori The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus

The University of Bordeaux’s Green Campus is a very ambitious project undertaken by our teaching staff with cross-disciplinary skills in plant biotechnology. The main objective is to set up a center focused on two main fields: functional and progressive ecology and agroecology of continental ecosystems; and integrative plants’ biology and their pathosystems. This project is based on two strategies: creating an international track, through the bilateral and multilateral collaboration between Bordeaux and identified international partners (Japan, China, and Chile) and developing a specific « vertical » programme, from bachelor to doctoral level. This master leans on high- level research conducted at the University of Bordeaux and in the regional center of INRA. Indeed, from the undergraduate level, students are integrated in an...